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Miss Stardoll World, vote 4 me!

Hi guys! Scarlet here telling you about yet another website I play called Stardoll. This website is centered basically around preteen to adult women. It’s famous for elaborate dress up games and tributes to designer brands IRL like Chanel and Valentino, and the recently closed Fendi tribute. So, their biggest event of the year is something called Miss Stardoll world, where the millions of players compete in a mock beauty pageant. Last year, I didn’t really do a lot of competing, but this year I’m stepping up my game! My username is Scarletchanel10. If any of you guys reading this have an account on this website please go to my suite and click on the green button with a crown on it to vote for me. If you do this and I win, I will try to give something costing 15-30 stardollars, you know, the average price for a decent mock designer dress, to anyone I know who voted for me with the thousands of starcoins I’ll win. Tell your friends about….. <div style=”text-align:center;font:normal 12px/1.2 Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif;color:#000;”><span style=”color:#943F88;display:block;margin:3px 0;”><a href=”; target=”_blank” style=”color:#943F88;”>Dressup games</a> at Stardoll</span></div>


PH Memories: Significant Faries

  • Flap it, y’all! Scarlet Rainswirls here! In this post, I’m going to recognize significant fairies I remember from Pixie Hollow.

Silver Sundance was my role model. She inspired me to love Animal Derby and to follow my dreams.

  • Flower and Merry (and all of our animal friends) brought happiness into pur fairy lives and taught us responsibility. *sniff* I MISS MY FLOWER SOOOOOOOOP MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Silvermist was my water fairy mentor who taught me to make like the river and put the past behind me, along with the way of the glorious name of the water fairy.
  • Elixia was our Pixie Hollow vet, who healed Flower when she fell ill, and taught me to use my talents for the greater good.
  • All of our crafters, who taught me that nothing has worth unless you’ve earned it.
  • All of our beloved shopkeepers, who sold me my wardrobe and décor, and taught me the wonderful skill of generosity.
  • And last but not least, my best friends from Pixie Hollow, who were light after years of darkness, and rain after years of drought. They could bring laughter after years of depression and happiness to those who had nothing to smile about. Yes, I’m talking about you, Sarah!!!!!!!
  • Who are YOU’RE fairies planted into your memory? Tell us in a comment below. That’s all for now! Happy flapping!
  • Scarlet Rainswirls

PH Memories: Animal Derby

Flap it, y’all! Scarlet Rainswirls here! I’m Sarah’s best friend, and I’m going to share one of my most FAVORITE PH memories, Animal Derby! I never really took screenshots of Pixie Hollow, so it’s really just text. I remember being one of the most well-known faires on PH (next to Silver Sundance, who Sarah fortunatly beat in the Mixed Bag race.) for Animal Derby. I dressed up in a helmet, a sock hop scarf, and a furry dress and boots. I would get on my squirrel, whom I called Star, and running down the track, freezing my opponets, sending bee swarms, and starting tornados. I remember getting 80 sunflower seeds, which I used to buy me some dyes, especially Waterfall Blue and Cherry Pink. My Pixie Hollow goal was to get on the leaderboards for Animal Derby, but it never happened. I never even beat Silver Sundance! Well, that’s all for this post! Bye!

Scarlet Rainswirls

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Greetings and salutations! My name is Scarlet Rainswirls, and I’ll be posting sometimes on this blog. As you might know, I am Sarah’s best friend, and sorry, but I don’t really know how to upload screenshots to WordPress blogs. She might have told you she will be posting about Disney movies. I will have a post about a movie by tomorrow afternoon. Here’s a hint on what movie I will be reviewing: Travel far and wide to Planet Drool, and you will find Max on an adventure that’s totally cool!