Author: Crystal Watershimmer

Hey Pixies, I'm Crystal Watershimmer. I am a water talent fairy. I love making new friends and writing stories. I love the colours blue, purple and black. Yes, black I know it's a strange colour for a fairy to like but what do I do I'm unique ;)

Hi There ❤️

Hi everyone, it’s me Crystal, Crystal Watershimmer here. I think you knew my name from beforehand. If you didn’t, here, I just told you ;).
I am a guest author, here, on Sarah Diamondswirls’ blog along with Sapphire Rainymist and Scarlet Rainswirls.
I’m so excited to work with both of them and of course, Sarah herself.
Here’s a picture of me

So, a few months ago, Elva Aspenpetal, Julie and I used to do a lot of chatting here, on this blog. I bet someone among us would have been the top most commenter here that time.
But now our chatting has reduced very much to almost non-existent because of our blogs. It seems it’s been ages since I last talked to them.I really wish I could chat them.
But on the happier note, I have found a really nice nice and fun pixie…..
Sapphire Rainymist!!!!
She is so much fun to talk to and we chat everyday nowadays for at least one and a half hour.she hs made so many lovely edits for me and she is one of my best friends.
So, Crystal Watershimmer arrival days back on 18 June 2013. Yes, it’s true that I was able to play very little compared to all of you but I miss Pixie Hollow like all of you or maybe even more because I was able to play much than all of you.
I was never a member until the closure. My talent level was 16. I wasn’t good at many games, but I played Water Web well. My favourite games were mostly party games which included Tea for Two and Crazy Cakes. I loved throwing parties and going to parties.
In the hollow, you would mostly see me wearing something black and white, red or purple. I loved to experiment with hairstyles so I owned pretty much all the hairstyles both front and back 😉
So I think that’s pretty much it. I hope you got to know me a little better.
Until my next post ,
Fly With Ya Later
Crystal Watershimmer