Chat Place

If you want to chat through comments during the Pixie Hollow Reunion, please do so here. 🙂



      1. Hey Sarah, sorry I’m not sure where else to post. XD! I was reminiscing on old Pixie Hollow times from when I was younger and looking up pictures of Sunflower Gulley. I saw a picture of you and it led me here! I’m Applegem! Do you remember me? 😀 Its been years!

  1. I remember i couldn’t go on PH for quite some time. Me and my little sister shared an account. One day, my little sis told me they closed it down. I didnt believe her. So, typed in PH and it took me to a Q&A page about why PH closed. I WAS SOOO UPSET! I STARTED TO CRY! My little sis was the last one on the account . 😦

    1. I am sorry to hear that, Iris. 😦

      Many other pixies encountered the same situation. Disney announced PH’s closure a month in advance but I think that wasn’t enough.

      Anyway, thanks for leaving a comment here and reliving PH memories! 🙂

    2. We’ll get it back someday. dn’t worry, fairy friend. Everything in life has a purpose but i dn’t knw the purpose of this one. (Making people (no – fairies and sparrowmen) sad?)

  2. Hey Sarah,
    Got any idea when Pixie Hollow’s gonna return? I was obsessed with the game! Can’t believe it shut down…the virtual world games nowadays are so lame…Pixie Hollow’s one was the best! Let me know if there’s a return of it.

    1. Hi there, Mooze!

      Thank you for dropping by and leaving a comment. ❤

      To answer your question-I honestly don't know when, if ever, Pixie Hollow is going to return.
      I don't want to give up hope, but I frankly don't think your pixie can fly around PH for quite some time now.
      I will be notifying all my followers with a post if I get any hint(s) about PH re-opening.
      Until then, take care!

      1. Don’t let others loose their hope, Sarah. I’m 100% sure our PH would be returned to us one day. after all, it is part of our life and home.
        And i wonder whether u remember me. it’s me, vanessa! i left about an year or maybe 2 ago due to some computer problems nd now im back. i was one of the very best friends of Sap, Cryst & Elva. wish u remember me.

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