Author: Sarah Diamondswirls

I am Sarah Diamondswirls and I was an Animal talent fairy in Pixie Hollow. I love sharing latest Disney news and meeting new friends. I hope Pixie Hollow comes back one day. ❤

Hi…I guess? 

Hey there, guys? If any of you is still out there, that is ^^;

Ah, this is awkward.

It had been what, months?

Unlike some amazingly dedicated pixies, I don’t quite have the patience of the perseverance to post here anymore.

Like, sure, I could post about Disney and stuff, but if my heart’s just not that into it, then what’s the point?

Pixie Hollow was why I made this blog. It has been four years now, and I really cannot continue this anymore.

Plus, the P.B.C. has kind of…disintegrated? It can’t be helped, really. 

Nevertheless, I really appreciate the hardwork some pixies are putting in right now to keep this community alive! It is very, very heart-warming.

Sadly, I cannot be one of them. I hope you understand. 

It’s not just about determination and stuff, but school is super hectic now? I am fifteen now, and my birthday is coming up in four months. And yeah, I have to study. A lot.

I am into a lot of fandoms now O_O I watch anime quite often too. 

Finally, I wanted to talk a bit about my art? 

Looking back, I honestly cringe at all the stuff I used to draw years back 😂 And you guys applauded me way too much >•<

I took a one-and-a-half-year break from drawing because I just didn’t feel like it anymore. I resumed it in March this year though, and I’m very happy I did! 

So here’s some…stuff…

So, yeah?

And all of these have my deviantart watermark, though I didn’t really upload them there… yet? I will do it sometime, hopefully. 

Thank you for reading! 

I am very lucky to have met so many of you amazing people here ❤

And I repeat: if pixie hollow ever comes back, I will sign up in a heartbeat. 

All the love,



The Jungle Book: Movie Review

Check out my review of The Jungle Book (2016) on Marigold’s Musings! 😀

Marigold's Musings

Hey there, pixie pals! Sarah here. 😀 It has been a long time, hasn’t it? I have been busy with school, so yeah.

Anyway, I am reviewing the new movie The Jungle Book today! It released earlier where I live (April 8) than in the U.S., but I went to watch it only yesterday. Hope you enjoy reading this~


Disney revisits Mowgli the human cub and his animal buddies in the new magical Disney film, The Jungle Book. Check out Sarah Diamondswirls’ review of this live- action version of the 1967 Walt Disney animated classic of the same name. 😀

In The Jungle Book, Mowgli (Neel Sethi), the ‘man cub’, loves the family of wolves who raised him. However, he is frustrated of the fact that whenever he creates something clever to solve a problem, he is accused of creating ‘human tricks’ which his animal pals don’t like. Will one…

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Worlize Catastrophe

Help save Worlize!

Pixie Hollow - Our Biggest Secret


This. Is. Not. Happening.

Worlize is shutting down.

NO JOKE. When I logged onto my emails this afternoon I found this message waiting for me in  Google Hangouts, courtesy of Raven:


I logged into Worlize and found this:


The survey asks a few questions on your thought if Worlize started using Memberships.

Now, I can understand where Brian and his workmates are coming from. Unlike Disney, they’re not a multi-billionaire company that can spare a few thousand dollars every few months to keep it running. They’re not asking for massive amounts either. The maximum payment they mentioned in the poll was $10 a month. The minimum was $1.

As far as I can see, there is no closing date YET. But if we don’t act fast, it could be announced at any time.

Thus, I’m calling in all PEF members for our first ever full scale mission.

We’re going to…

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PEF Bloggers

Let’s get down to business!

Pixie Hollow - Our Biggest Secret

Hi, Pixies!

Now that Rose has officially announced that she’s reforming the Pixie Elite Force (click here to read the post), I’m going to follow Jade’s lead and introduce the sector I’m in charge of: Bloggers

Here is Rose’s definition of this sector:

Marigold and the Bloggers will have the job of trying to bring old bloggers back to the Pixie Blogging Community, finding lesser-known and newer blogs and trying to help advertise them to give them more viewers and a bit more encouragement. She’ll also be working with her PSS members 🙂

You read that right – along with being the Head of the Bloggers for the PEF, I will also be reviving the Pixie Salvation Soldiers (PSS)!!! 😀 I will announce more details about the PSS revival from Sarah Diamondswirl’s blog since she currently holds the most up-to-date list of PSS members (click here to see it).

If you’re interested…

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Happy New Year 2016!

Happy New Year 2016, pixie pals!



It is amazing how time passes by so quickly. It seems as if the entire year passed by within the drop of an eyelid.

Overall, 2015 has been an average year for me, with all its ups and downs.

And from a pixie’s point of view, it was an year which carried yet another glimmer of hope, which faded away gradually- Pixie Hollow did not re-open, despite all the rumours.

The glimmer of hope has ignited again this year. Time will tell whether it will burn bright or extinguish with time.

In 2016, we have movies like Moana, Finding Dory and Zootopia to look forward to from Disney and Pixar, as well as the live-action version of The Jungle Book to look forward to. Some other films like Alice In Wonderland:Through The Looking Glass and The BFG also come out this year.

So, have you made your New Year resolutions yet?

One of my resolutions is to post more often here. Exams are coming up, so I will be busy for the whole month of February, but apart from that, I’ll try to be as punctual as possible!

Pull up your socks for yet another roller coaster ride of an year- Happy New Year, 2016! 😀


Take care!

Sarah Diamondswirls ❤

Frozen Fever, as told by emoji

Hi there, pixie pals!


I’m sorry I didn’t post anything lately- I have been really busy with school, and still am. I did not do as well as expected in my last examinations, so yeah. 😦


Anyway, it’s winter, and this chilly season is all about hot cocoa, comfy sweaters, mittens and- Christmas!


What’s better to celebrate this season than a new Disney video- Frozen Fever as told by emoji?

Let me know your thoughts in a comment below!


Take care!


Sarah Diamondswirls 😀

My Story Competition

Get your creative juices flowing for this contest hosted by Crystal Cutetwinkle! 😀

Crystal's Hollow

Hi pixies!

I came up with this idea for a mini celebration for Pixie Hollow’s Second closure aniversary.

Crystal’s Hollow proudly presents:

books comp

You can write a short story (1000 words or less) and enter them into this comp! Email your stories to  before October 23rd.

I will choose who is first, second and third. I haven’t worked out what the prizes will be yet, but I’m thinking about it and I promise you they will be good!


Of course, there are a few rules for this comp.

  • Your story has to be 1000 words or less
  • Do not use one of your previous stories, write a new one
  • Your story has to be the subject of Pixie Hollow

I’d like it if you reblog this to spread the word. 😀

Click here to see all the entries so far.

-Crystal ❤

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PBC Short Film – An Update From Rose

Please check out Rose’s post and help if possible. ❤

Raindrop's Reveries

Hi everyone,

So, as Raindrop has told you, I’m in charge of writing up the script for the PBC Short Film, and in her last post, she asked for any pixies wanting to be actors to email me by the 25th of this month.

Well, I’m sorry I have to say this, but the response for this was very disappointing for me – I only received two emails on this topic over the course of the two weeks we were given. :/

Without actors, the short film can’t go ahead.

So, I’ve made the decision to give you guys a second chance – I’m extending the deadline until the 5th of September. I really want this to go ahead, so we’re going to need all the help we can get. So, if you have a Worlize account, or are able to sign up and are interested in a part, please…

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How to start a blog: The ABC of Pixie Blogging

Hi there, Pixie pals! 😀

I have been blogging for nearly two years now (this blog will complete two years on 28th August!). Seeing the fairly large amount of new bloggers taking up pixie blogging, I thought that I could share my experience through a little guide for new, as well as old pixie bloggers.

In case you are looking for information on blogging in general and not pixie blogging, you can refer to some links I’ll add at the end of this post.

What is pixie blogging?

Pixie blogging, basically, is blogging about Pixie Hollow, a virtual world owned by Disney which retired on 19th of September, 2013.

The earliest bloggers to take up blogging started out years before PH closed, but many joined them later, even after PH’s closure.

Now that Pixie Hollow is closed, pixie bloggers have either given up blogging, or started blogging about different stuff- mainly Disney in general. Yet, we still call ourselves pixie bloggers because that is how it all started, and we are still looking for hints about PH opening again, if it ever does.

You can find a list of pixie blogs under the ‘Other Fairies’ Pages’ widget on my blog. To find more pixie blogs, you can simply google ‘Pixie Hollow Blogs’.


Here are a few basics of starting and running a pixie blog:

Choose a blogging platform

This is very important. A good blogging platform enables you to have a blog with enhanced features and makes it easier for you to run it.

I suggest you use WordPress or Blogger. WordPress is my preferred platform, since it makes your blog look more professional and impressive even if you don’t go premium and pay for it. If you have some money to spare, you might as well go premium on WordPress. Here are a few links which may help you choose between WordPress and Blogger-

Choose a good title

The name of your blog is the very first impression you make on your reader. Honestly speaking, your tagline is even more important than your blog’s title. Make your tagline short, and ensure that it sums up what your blog is all about.

Closeup of a happy young woman smiling isolated on white backgro

If you are using WordPress, make sure that your gravatar profile has just about enough information about you- neither too much, nor too less. Get a good profile picture too! In this case, it has to be a high resolution image of your pixie.


First impression is the last impression- whoever said this definitely wasn’t kidding. You should put time and thought into choosing a good theme, background etc. for your site. Since this is pixie blogging, you can use bright, quirky shades as well as soft, pastel ones for the theme. It is a good idea to change your theme/background according to the season or holiday.

Don’t have a font or background that strain’s the reader’s eyes, or makes it difficult for them to read your content.

Customize your page with widgets of your choice.


What are you going to blog about? Think it over. If you are pixie blogging, it will probably be your thoughts about Pixie Hollow, Disney Fairies, and Disney- related things.

Make your posts informative, and and as short as possible. Short and sweet- that is what it should be like!

Writing style

Accept it or not- to be a good blogger, you need to be a good writer too. Even if you are not very good at writing, you need to love writing. Remember- no one is perfect, and their is always scope for improvement.


Your writing style needs to be interesting and appealing- something that will hook your readers. If two bloggers are blogging about the same topic- say, the upcoming Disney film Moana, I’ll definitely put more time and effort into reading the one who has presenting it in a better and written it well.

Avoid Grammatical Errors

This is awfully important. Whenever I am reading a post, and I come across a very obvious spelling or grammatical, it decreases the amount of respect I harbor for the writer.

If you are not a native English speaker and aren’t very sure if you are fluent enough, have someone fluent in English proofread your posts. Read and reread your posts several times to spot and correct your own mistakes. I am not a native speaker myself, so I am aware of the problems that come with not being one, when you are blogging in English and are not comfortable with it. I don’t have my posts proofread by anyone, but if you think you need to do that, don’t hesitate.


Put effort into improving your language. It will not only help you with blogging, but with many other things in life.

Read, and learn from it

Read other popular blogs with good content, and try to understand why people like their work. Try to improve your writing style by picking up some good points from other bloggers. Of course, you should have your own style, but there is no harm in learning something good from others. 🙂


Put your 100 % into it

I am not asking you to be on your blog 24X7, but you must put a lot of time and effort into it if you want your blog to be successful. Try to post often and work to make your blog better.



Socialize with other bloggers! Check out other blogs, be it like your own or different. Leave comments, and be friendly. It is important to make friends in your blogging community. You can’t expect someone to read your blog when you don’t read anyone else’s.

Remember, the only way of having a friend is to be one.

Spread word

Just started a new blog? Let others know about it! When I first started my blog, I commented on plenty of other pixie blogs and leaving a link to your own blog in the comment. Most probably, the blogger on whose blog you commented, will visit your blog and so will her/his readers.

Make sure to be polite in your approach. Imagine if someone writes this-

“Hi people! I just started a blog and you should see it! Here’s the link: (link). Please visit it!!”

How about-

“Hi, (name of the blogger on whose blog you are comment.)

I love your blog! It’s so informative.

I have started a new blog recently and I would love it if you’d take time to see it! Please leave your feedback and help me improve. “

That sounded better, didn’t it?


Don’t be disappointed if that blogger doesn’t visit your blog. They may not have the time for it. Don’t start a big fight on someone’s blog. Just keep calm, and keep moving forward.

You can also use social media platforms like Facebook, Google + and Twitter to increase your blog’s popularity.

Interact with your readers

Your readers are the people who read your blog, so must interact with them. Ask them some questions in your posts. If they leave comments, reply to them.

If you are taking a break, let your readers know. If you want to bring about a major change into your blog, ask for your readers’ opinions.

two beautiful teenage girls talking

You should value your readers, because they are the people who keep you going.

Be yourself

Think it over: Would Bruno Mars be as popular as he is if he completely impersonated Michael Jackson? Would Taylor Swift have as many fans as she does if she tried to become a carbon copy of Faith Hill?

The answer: no.

It is okay to be inspired by others, but the most important thing is to be yourself. People will love you for who you are. They visit your blog expecting to see something different, not something copied from others. They want to know what’s going on in your mind. Express your own views, and let others appreciate you for that.


Why try to fit in, when you were made to stand out?

Add extra, out-of-the-box features

Are you good at writing stories? Why not add a section to your blog with your stories and let your readers read that?

Very often, people visit blogs which offer them something different.

If you are good at something which sets you apart from others, take advantage of that!

I love drawing, so I have a section at my blog which showcases all my artwork. Similarly, fellow pixie blogger Minerva Grace has a section of her blog dedicated to her edits and artwork. Several talented pixie bloggers have sections at their blogs where they post their stories.

It would be great if people identify you as ‘the artist pixie blogger’, or ‘that pixie blogger who is great at writing stories’, wouldn’t it?

Here is something I made a while back:

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

Don’t get discouraged

Your blog is not getting enough traffic? You are not getting as many comments as you expected? Well, turn that frown upside down!

It might take months, or even years to build up a dedicated group of readers.


Just don’t get discouraged. Do your best, and leave the rest to fate.

Have fun!

If you are not having fun with what you are doing, nothing can ever, ever, ever compensate for that. You are not blogging for mere popularity or fame. You should have fun and enjoy yourself- that’s the most important thing. If you think that you are not having fun while blogging, you might as well think twice before going ahead with it.


I hope this helped! This might not be the best blogging guide ever, but I did my best and had a great time writing it, and I hope you will feel the same while reading it. 🙂

Some helpful links to help you start with blogging:

Disagree with what I said? Want to add something to what I said? let me know in a comment, below. 🙂

Take care!

Sarah Diamondswirls ❤

Hairsticks From Lost Things (EASY) Tutorial

Daisy will help you tinker a super ‘tinkertastic’ creation! 😀

Daisybelle's Leaf Journal

Hello, Pixies! This is my first tinkertastic creation post. Weather it’s used for effectively holding up hair while working, or just as an accessory with an outfit, hair sticks are a favorite of fairies of all talents. While in Pixie Hollow, twigs, metal scraps and deep sea treasures are used, here is the simple mainland way.

What you will need:

-Wood sticks (chopsticks work fine)

-Hot glue

– acrylic craft paint

– pliers

– pencil sharpener

– nail filer

– jewels and other decorations

Note: Adult supervision may be needed while using the pliers, and hot glue.

1. Start by trimming your chopstick to the size you need with pliers. Small chopsticks work best for short hair, mini-buns, and very young children while long and thicker ones work best for long and thick hair. After trimming, sharpen the end of the chopstick with a handheld pencil sharpener to get the tapered…

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