Hairsticks From Lost Things (EASY) Tutorial

Daisy will help you tinker a super ‘tinkertastic’ creation! 😀

Daisybelle's Leaf Journal

Hello, Pixies! This is my first tinkertastic creation post. Weather it’s used for effectively holding up hair while working, or just as an accessory with an outfit, hair sticks are a favorite of fairies of all talents. While in Pixie Hollow, twigs, metal scraps and deep sea treasures are used, here is the simple mainland way.

What you will need:

-Wood sticks (chopsticks work fine)

-Hot glue

– acrylic craft paint

– pliers

– pencil sharpener

– nail filer

– jewels and other decorations

Note: Adult supervision may be needed while using the pliers, and hot glue.

1. Start by trimming your chopstick to the size you need with pliers. Small chopsticks work best for short hair, mini-buns, and very young children while long and thicker ones work best for long and thick hair. After trimming, sharpen the end of the chopstick with a handheld pencil sharpener to get the tapered…

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Let me know what you think, it means so much to me! ღ

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