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I am a water talent fairy and love fashion, friends and great adventures. You may as well call me a writing talent fairy because my hobby is writing books and so far I've written an entire trilogy. I'm writing another trilogy and well, my story ideas never stop!

The Filming of the PBC

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Let’s get ready for a rollercoaster of hard work and the ultimate fun entertainment created by US the PBC 😀

Raindrop's Reveries

Woah. Something I thought was pretty easy just got a whole lot harder and a tad more interesting 😀

Yes, I commented on Sarah’s amazing review of Tinkerbell and the Legend of the Neverbeast with an idea of creating our own PBC short 2-3 minute film and I have to credit Rose Morningmist with this whole email of her fantastic ideas 😛

I said I would create a post just to organize everything a bit, (I have to be organized before I do anything 🙂 ) and so I am just going to show you the email Rose sent me :

Hiya Raindrop,
Just been reading your ideas to make a short film on Marigold’s Blog – I think it’s a GREAT idea! I posted this comment for you to read, but thought that it would be quicker for you to see in via email:
Like the idea Raindrop…

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The Real People Behind The Animations

Gotta post everywhere 😛

Marigold's Musings

Hiya again Pixies, Raindrop again !

I am working on this post just minutes after I am not totally gone – I still believe 

Now, we all know Silvermist as Silvermist and Rosetta as Rosetta and Fawn as Fawn and I think you get what I mean 😉

Well, I have done a bit of research, (instead of Holiday Homework) about the voices of our favourite fairies. So let’s take a look into the voice of the voices :

(The descriptions are short because I have a lot to go through – all info found on Wikipedia.)

Tinkerbell – The Tinker Fairy

Well all love her curiosity. Well all love her blonde hair and her blue eyes. Well all love how she is usually ready for adventure and we all love her twin sister 😉

So let’s talk about the voice of Tinkerbell, Mae Whitman.

Mae_Whitman_March_22,_2014_(cropped) Mae Whitman at the Premiere…

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I’m not totally gone – I still believe

I’ll always be a pixie no matter what 😀
♥ Raindrop

Marigold's Musings

Hiya Pixies, Raindrop here 🙂

As you know, I recently closed my blog Raindrop’s Reveries… and started a new blog Kaitaria’s Quest.

But I’m still a blog author on Marigold and Sarah’s blog so I’ll always be flittering around somewhere in the world of Pixies 😉

I’ll just be discussing everything on Marigold, Sarah and Minerva’s blogs that have been posted quite recently and quite not recently.

~ Marigold’s Musings ~

Firstly, well done and great job to the 2015 Event Committee – beautiful banner 🙂 Great idea to Marigold for a Committee 😉

I have had a few looks at the Fairy Fashion Art Festival entries and they are simply stunning. A great idea Marigold 🙂

I especially love the artworks by Minerva and Crystal Airshine but all of them are A LOT better than anything I could ever put together :p (And I mean EVER !!)

Also Fawn…

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:( Bad News

Hiya Pixies,

This is Raindrop and I have come to see that unfortunately, I haven’t had a single competition entry at all and no views in the past week. So I will be closing down the competition. And even with the help of Marigold and others trying to persuade me that this blog will be seen sooner or later, I have come to another unfortunate decision to close down this blog and make it into something else.

Yes, I know. But there isn’t much news about Pixie Hollow anymore to write about. It’s more or less about “Disney” now. I still will believe that Pixie Hollow will re-open and I will always believe in fairies 😉

The new topic I will be writing about has been sold to Disney by someone everybody should know, George Lucas, creator of the movie hit, STAR WARS. Yes, I am a strange person to love Disney Fairies and Star Wars because they are really the total opposite of each other. But I was introduced to Star Wars by my Mother. She showed me the movies 4, 5 & 6 as she was brought up with those movies.


Through my own research and passion for Star Wars, I really think a Star Wars blog is needed somewhere. Hopefully I will be filling in the gap for Star Wars lovers and fans.

I will still be blogging as a Guest Author on Marigold’s blog and Sarah’s Blog so keep an eye out for me there 😉

I know I am going to be hated for doing this, but I find my passion and love for Star Wars perhaps a little stronger.

I will reblog this on Sarah and Marigold’s blog and my blog will officially be removed as soon as I finish re-blogging…

Like my very first (or was it second) post said :


♥ Raindrop

My First Post

Hiya Pixie Pals !

Some of you may know me from Marigold’s Blog, but if you don’t, I’m Raindrop.

I am the newest Guest Author to Sarah’s Blog ; Thank You Sarah 😀 😀 😀

I thought the best way to start off my posts was to give a brief introduction of myself and I’ll give you a quick head start of what to expect from my posts. As you know, I post on Marigold’s blog, and on her blog I post Editing Tutorials where I create outfit edits of my fairy in very simple ways. I hope to post the edits I create on this blog, and maybe even the edits YOU create 😀 But I will talk about all this in my next posts. 😉

All About Me

Raindrop Perlin Blue

Name : Raindrop

Arrival Date : 18 February 2010

Talent  : Water

Membership : 29 March 2012 ( 3 Months)

Address : 95830 Waterlily Way

D-Name : flitterificskating

My BFFs : Daisy and Rosa Snowflake

My Friends Forever : Anyone I know 😀

Favorite Animal : Dove

Favorite Color : Aquamarine Blue

Favorite Place : Summer Glade

Favorite Shops : Queen Clarion’s Boutique, Summit Style and all other fashion shops 😉

My Favorite Outfits are below: (Some Edited 🙂  )

Pretty Pretty Raindrop Raindrop- Another awesome outfit raindrop edit Raindrop Frosty Outfit Raindrop Queen Raindrop-FAVE-Summer-OutfitRaindrop -Pretty Plaids


If anyone knows me, please leave a comment below and I might remember you 😉

I hope you liked my Profile and I hope to post super soon 😀

Thank You again Sarah for letting me post on your awesome blog 😀 😀 😀 😀