Pixie Salvation Soldiers

(This list was last updated on 25th February, 2016)

Pixie Hollow will forever be embedded in our hearts, despite its not being among us at this moment. What if Pixie Hollow isn’t there? We, pixies are there, aren’t we? Of course. However, we aren’t normal pixies. We dare to fight, go off in armies and serve for our beloved home. There are many of us, tons of them not discovered yet…

This is where you find the list of P.S.S. members –


Blue words– Water talents

Brown words– Animal talents

Orange words– Light talents

Pink words– Garden talents

Green words– Tinker talents

Black words- Unknown talent (Means that their respective talents are unknown)


Pixie Salvation Soldiers


~ Marigold Sunjewel (Founder of the P.S.S.)

~ Sarah Diamondswirls

 ~ Minerva Grace

~ Sapphire Rainymist

~ Crystal Watershimmer

~ Elva Aspenpetal

~ Julie

~ Crystal Airshine

~ Jade Vanillaflash

~ Sunrise Starbeam

~ Crystal Airshine

~ Vanessa Magicmoon

~ Joy Twinklebell


~ Daphne Moondrop

~ Julie Mistyfreeze

~ Marigold Glitterflower

~Chickadee Glitterbeam

~ Diane


~ Phoebe Bumbleflip

~ Melody Glittershimmer (Melissa)

~ Cupcake Winterpool

~ Glitterdrop

~ Sassafras

~ Melanie Winterglimmer


~ Rose


~ Autumn Cozyheart


~Crystal Cutetwinkle

~Octavia Vanillawish

~ Opal Brightbreeze

~Carrie Tuliptwist

~Isabelle Merrydust


~ Helen Twinkleflower

~Quicksilver Cloudshimmer

~ Jill Dustyfreeze

~Grace Glitterglow

~ Holly Rosepetal

~ Ashley Diamondstone

~ Sunshine Starbeam


~ Honey Rosepetal

~Tori Daisyblossom

~Lavender Vanillawink

~ Lynn

~ Luna

~ Persimmon

~ Ivy

~ Drake

~ Bale Almondspirit

~ Vanessa

~ Violet

~ Penelope

~ Lavender Rosepetal

~ Crystal

~ Melody Nevernoodles

~ Silver Mistymeadow

~ Sahara Moonlily

~ Posy Islandlily

~ Scarlet Rainswirls

~ Chickadee Beautydrop

~Emma Snowdust


~Lucy Sweetshine


~ Ariana Diamondbead

~ Melanie Glitterstream

~ Kate Lovelymeadow

~ Laurel Glitterdrop

~ Luly Beautygarden

~ Faith Lovelyspirit

~ Winterlily

~ Sarah Stardance


If you are not included in this list, please let me know in a comment below. You shall be added! 😀



PSS founder: Marigold Sunjewel;

List previously published on: the blogs of Minerva Grace (by Jade Vanillaflash), Elva Aspentpetal and Sapphire Rainymist;

Colour coded system idea: Sapphire Rainymist





  1. I’m so saddened that pixie hollow closed 😦 I don’t think it will ever reopen but it still has a big place in my heart. I grew up with that game. It was the home were I could actually get away from the bad dreams and the bad realites

  2. Hey Sarah,
    Can you add me on the list?
    I’m ALWAYS trying to revive the spirit of Pixie Hollow within myself and most of the Pixie Pals I know.
    Please add me!!
    See ya round the waterfall,

  3. Can you add me? My fairies are Ashley a light talent fairy, Flora a garden talent fairy and Tessa an animal fairy.

  4. My name is Lavender Vanillawink. I’m a garden talent and I will stand with the PSS. If we all stand together, we can fight for what we want, bring pixie hollow back, and come together as one pixie hollow nation. Even if pixie hollow doesn’t come back, we still have each other.

  5. I know PH closed ages ago, but I fought hard until the end with my now-not-so-secret secret society – the Pixie Elite Force. If I had known about the PSS I would have joined straight away. Could you add me to the list as well?

    Perhaps the PEF and PSS could make an alliance – you know, so we could work together? lol 🙂 😛

    Also, I am writing a story for my blog based on PH. Would you mind if I use the PSS in it?

  6. Omg omg! I just found out the REAL reason why pixie hollow closed. My friend is a computer expert. We both logged on to pixie hollow on the last day. Suddenly, a purple and green blob looking thing flashed across the screen. For years we could never figure out what it was. After doing some research, we discovered the blob was actually a virus! It ate all the data for pixie hollow, Pirates of the Carabean, tot town, ext. This virus was programmed to directly attack Disney, and so all the games were destroyed. Disney was probably trying to hide the facts by saying it was a shift of focus to apps. Here”s some more evidence: remember when the hair salon opened and they said they were tinkering to get a virus? That was the same virus! All of the evidence fits together like a puzzle.

    1. WHAT! IT CANT BE! ALL THE DATA? O.O (STARTS SCREAMING AND DOESNT STOP TILL THE END OF TIME!) NO NON OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! WHY! WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :'(””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””’

    2. This is an interesting thought, Lavender. However, being the optimistic person I am, I reckon Disney would have said something if that had happened… idk, but for now, I hope that you are wrong for our data’s sake.

  7. Hi I was wondering if I could be added to the list I can’t remember my fairies name so can you use my screen name kingarocks09 I was a water talent

  8. Hi, can you add me? My fairy is Octavia Vanillawish and she is an animal fairy. I love your blog, and it`s so good to know there are pixies that miss PH.

  9. I miss Pixie Hollow so much! It was the game that was never boring for me and I loved the magical atmosphere. Oh, and I’m a water fairy.

  10. Hello,
    I would like you to add me to your list. My Fairies name is Quicksilver Cloudshimmer. She is a Garden Talent. She went to Pixie Hollow on January 24, 2007, although she was created 6 months prior to that. When we went to others homes and left messages.

    Thank you for all your hard work,

  11. hi i am amy, i want to be added to the list please. My fairy name is (or actually was) April Sandcloud and she was a GARDEN talent fairy.
    love you all.

  12. Hi. I actually saw this blog by accident and man, do I find myself lucky or lucky? Exactly 6 years and a day before, my grandma died on the mother’s day. It left me depressed, like I actually fell into depression. I stumbled upon Pixie Hollow and my favorite thing was the combination of gathering and meadow music and sounds. It just gave me this sense of serenity and I just basically loved it.

    My fairy’s name is Rachel Rainbowspirit, garden talent, and I’ll join anything to bring back the Hollow.

    Keep those wings flitterin’


    (My E-mail ID is akshayasubra@yahoo.com.sg active ever since I made the E-mail ID)

    1. I am moved by your story, Rayne. It is true that a lot of people used PH as an escape from all the problems they faced in real life. I am glad that PH helped you.
      Thank you for leaving a comment. 🙂 I will add your fairy to the list as soon as possible.


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