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Some things Hans can teach the Disney Villains

Time and time again, we see Disney Villains making the same classic mistakes. Enter Prince Hans of the Southern Isles.



Hans breaks the mold of the typical Disney Villain. With that charming smile and those impressive sideburns, Hans was almost fooled everyone and nearly carried out his evil plan. If there were a school of villainy, Hans would surely be at the top of his class. Here’s what we think Hans could teach the Disney Villains:


Make a Great First Impression



When Hans first meets Anna, he’s polite with just the right amount of prince-like charisma. When Maleficent makes her first appearance, she’s sarcastic and villainous. If you want to win over your enemies, it’s probably a better idea to dazzle them with your charm rather than balk at the fact you weren’t invited to party.


Don’t Come Off As Too Rehearsed


Dr. Facilier has a routine down to a “T”, but to others, it can seem too slick and deliberate. Hans has a plan, but he knows if he’s too perfect, he could come off as calculated. Awkwardly falling into water and doing the robot dance is an easy way to show your human side.



Use Your Song to Make the Heroine Fall in Love With You…



Mother Gothel’s mistake was using her song to strike fear and intimidate Rapunzel. If she would have used her song to win over Rapunzel like Hans did with Anna, Rapunzel might have been more apt to stay in the tower.


…Then Propose To Her


While Gaston didn’t have much of a chance winning over Belle, she might have been a bit more receptive to his proposal if he had used his song moment for her (instead of just singing about himself).


Be Extremely Subtle About Your Evil Plans


Hans gave very few clues about his true plans. Hades, on the other hand, will share his evil plot with everyone he comes across. Not exactly wise if you ask us.


Earn The Kingdom’s Trust


When Hans is left in charge of Arendelle, he takes care of all the townspeople by feeding them hot glogg and passing out blankets. This is a very strategic move to make sure that everyone in Arendelle will love him and respect him. Instead of ensuring the lions well-being, Scar completely throws off the circle of life and leaves everyone starving and angry. Bad move.


Act Like You Care


Even when Hans had Elsa locked in the prison, he pretended to care about both her well-being and Anna’s. Great acting skills are essential to fooling everyone about your evilness, which is something that the Evil Queen could have used to win over Snow White. Also, a name change to drop the Evil out of her name might help as well.


When You Do Reveal Your Evil Plan, Do It Privately



Monologuing in front of a large crowd is a typical evil villain mistake that Jafar foolishly makes. Revealing in your evil plan in general is a bad idea, but Hans only divulged to Anna, then left her locked in the room. If you have to share your evil plan, we think it’s better for only one person to know instead of the entire kingdom.


Well, Disney Villains, you might have succeeded, but probably not, since Hans didn’t either.


So, um, how did you like my post? This is probably my first post that was from an official Disney site.

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A sneak peek on ‘Moana’.

[Originally made by Sapphire Rainymist, with inputs from Sarah Diamondswirls.]

(This is the important post we were keeping a secret until now. We have worked on it for the past few days, actually. 😛 )


Hey guys, Sapphire Rainymist and Sarah Diamondswirls here! (Our first post together!) We are here with a new post about Disney’s next Disney Princess movie:


Moana will be released around 2017-2018.

Moana will be released around 2017-2018.


It might sound like it’s a movie similar to Pocahontas, but instead of the story happening in Native America, it’s in a group of islands at the Southern Pacific Ocean. Moana is set to be released around 2017, but with Frozen’s recent success, it’s no wonder that fans are clambering for the details of this movie already.

Moana is an animated musical comedy movie that will be released around 2017-2018 (Rumors say that it will be released around March 9, 2018.) It is described as “A mythic adventure set around 2000 years ago and across a series of islands in the South Pacific.” Moana is also one of the only two princesses to come from a fairly minor place (Polynesia). The other is Ariel who lives somewhere near the Atlantic Ocean.

There is also a rumor that the name “Moana” is changed to “Spirited”, following the theme of Tangled, Brave and Frozen. Rapunzel, The Bear and the Bow and The Snow Queen were the original titles for Tangled, Brave and Frozen, respectively.This theory is followed to gain a larger number of male audiences. Like, a boy wouldn’t be as interested in a movie called The Snow Queen as he would be in something called Frozen. This rumor has not been confirmed by Disney Officials just yet.

Only one piece of Moana concept art has been seen online so far, but it was quickly by Disney on the grounds that it wasn’t an official release. Still, that was all fans needed to inspire their own Moana fanworks. Tumblr is already alive with people drawing their own interpretations of the Polynesian princess, from cute, ukulele-playing girly-girl to tough, muscular sailor.

The leaked picture, which apparently is the concept art for Moana

The ‘leaked picture’, which apparently is the concept art for Moana.

Despite Disney’s denial for the fact that that the leaked concept art for Moana (picture above) is official, it is strongly believed that it rightfully belongs to Disney, as previously Disney had denied the leaked art for Frozen, but later released it.

An early sketch and concept art of Queen Elsa of Arendelle.

An early sketch and concept art of Queen Elsa of Arendelle.

An early sketch and concept art of Princess Anna of Arendelle.

An early sketch and concept art of Princess Anna of Arendelle.


The final concept art of Elsa, Anna and Kristoff.

The final concept art of Elsa, Anna, Kristoff and Sven.


Aside from the ‘leaked’ concept art and Sarah’s fan art (See below), there are many other art that people say, is what Moana would look like.



This concept art shows Moana splashing around in a pool of water.

This concept art shows Moana splashing around in a pool of water.


This fan art shows a colored sketch of Moana.

This fan art shows a colored sketch of Moana.



This painting shows a scene from Polynesia, and three girls, one possibly being Moana.

This painting shows a scene from Polynesia, and three girls, one possibly being Moana.


If sources are to be believed, then the Polynesia situated film’s lead character, Moana, would be similar to some other Disney Princess, particularly Mulan from Mulan (1998) and Merida from Brave (2012). Moana could be the next good role model for little girls.

A still from Disney Pixar's Brave (2012)

A still from Disney Pixar’s Brave (2012)


Moana would be directed by the John Musker and Ron Clements, the makers of beloved Disney movies Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, and The Princess and The Frog. This would be the directors’ first full CG animated film. Rumors initially speculated that the animation style of “Moana” would resemble the hand-drawn/digital blend used in Disney’s Oscar nominated short ‘Paperman’ but Musker told Indiewire that “it’s far too early to apply the Paperman hybrid technique to a feauture” stating that the technique still has many complications (including color use) to sort out before it can be used for a full-length film.

A scene from Paperman

A scene from Paperman

Plot: The main character is Moana Waialiki, a sea voyaging enthusiast, and the only daughter of a chief in a long line of navigators. When her family needs her help, she sets off on an epic journey. The film will also include Demi-gods and spirits taken from really mythology (Possibly Greek or Roman), much like Disney’s Hercules.

Controversies: As stated above, people suggest that the supposed ‘concept art’ is how Moana would look like. Disney didn’t confirm this, but someone eventually found out that there was a concept art that was signed by an official Disney artist, and it is the same piece which Disney denied as a Moana concept art.

Moana would be Disney’s first black CG princess, and the fifth princess that is not white, the first being Jasmine (Aladdin), the second being Pocahontas (Pocahontas), the third being Mulan (Mulan) and the fourth being Tiana (The Princess and The Frog), after a serues of white ones of white ones like Rapunzel (Tangled), Merida (Brave), Elsa and Anna (Frozen). With four years to go until Moana is released, some of its target audience haven’t even been born yet, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t already bringing happiness to the hearts of Disney fans. As one teenage girl wrote on her Tumblr blog:

“as a person of polynesian descent, i got extremely excited when disney’s moana was announced and didn’t really know why and then i realised THIS is what representation feels like.”

We can hope that Moana would be brave, head-strong and fearless, meeting peoples’ demands. As we already mentioned, a lot of people are already creating a lot of Moana fan-art, inspired by the concept art.

Moana fan-art, by Sarah Diamondswirls

Moana fan-art, by Sarah Diamondswirls

“Above is the picture of Moana I (Sarah Diamondswirls) drew. It is inspired by the Moana concept art, and is how I imagine Moana to be. There are quite a few people out there making Moana fan-art, and I am proud to be one of them.”

Moana also has a similarity to Disney’s “Lilo and Stitch”. They both live in tropical places, wear similar outfits, and possibly, both dance the hula. Both of them aren’t white, too. But there are still differences, one being their places. Moana is in Polynesia, and Lilo is in Hawaii. It seems that Polynesia has adopted Hawaiian customs.

A hula dancing scene in Disney's 'Lilo and Stitch'.

A hula dancing scene in Disney’s ‘Lilo and Stitch’.


Plus, some people predict that Moana will end up looking like Lilo’s sister, Nani Pelekai.


Lilo's mother scolding Stitch.

Lilo’s sister scolding Stitch.




So, guys, how did you find this post? Me (Sapphire) and Sarah tried to make this post interesting. We hope you like it! 😀



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Faith, trust & pixie dust

Stuff about Frozen you might not have known…

Hey guys, it’s me: Sapphire Rainymist!! Glad to see you all again!


I know, just by looking at the post title, you guys absolutely know that I have another Frozen post. Well, you could say that I’m addicted to Frozen. It’s because it’s true. 😛


Well, let’s get on to business. I compiled some stuff about Frozen that, I bet, only few people know.


1.) Frozen will have a sequel.




“I am so excited about the latest Disney Gossip. As if I need any introduction (drum roll please) it’s your favorite Disney Gossip — Anonymouse here! My little ears are hearing BIG Disney Rumors that Disney’s Frozen will have a sequel!!!

Disney’s Frozen has been anything but ice cold. It’s hot, hot, hot! With all of the success of the film, Disney CEO Bob Iger has already announced plans for a Broadway musical and the possibility of an upcoming sequel.”


(P. S. If you’re wondering, this is told from Mickey Mouse’s point of view.)


My opinion: Hmm…Yes, Frozen would do for a nice sequel (I hope that they do include something about the life of Hans after he was sent home for his bad behavior. 😉 ) And this is official already, since a Disney CEO said so.


–Do you see the name of the said Disney CEO? It’s Bob Iger! (According to Marigold Sunjewel and Sarah Diamomdswirls, Bob Iger is just Robert Iger, the guy who ORDERED THE CLOSING OF PIXIE HOLLOW.)


2.) Frozen is the gayest movie of 2013.


It seems to have started with Kathryn Skaggs who, according to the title of her blog, is “A Well-Behaved Mormon Woman.” After being dragged against her will three different times by three sets of grandchildren to see Frozen, Skaggs couldn’t “Let It Go” any longer. After the third viewing she was convinced: This beloved movie, with its top-notch animation and its catchy theme song doesn’t just have  undertones (what Disney movie doesn’t?) but is 108 minutes of pure gay propaganda!

Frozen is a feminist movie, claimed some critics, because neither of its female protagonists are rescued by a handsome prince in the end but, rather, they save themselves. Frozen is not so feminist, others argued, because Elsa’s climactic “coming out,” if you will, includes an arguably pretty makeover. Others still took the time to call Frozen racist, accusing Disney of “whitewashing” the indigenous people of Scandinavia, where the animated film is supposed to take place. And this was all before John Travolta epically flubbed singer Idina Menzel’s name, creating a fictional person and immediately overplayed meme, at the Academy Awards.

My opinion:  STOP IT WITH THE GAYS, PLEASE?!? I will NEVER believe that EVERY Disney movie has ‘homosexual undertones’ a.k.a ‘gayness’. I refuse to believe this rumor.

3.) In the sequel I mentioned above; Elsa will NOT make an appearance.


“Due to Elsa being the queen of Arendelle, she will have no time to join Anna and company in their next adventure in the sequel, due to her royal duties.”

My opinion: I’m not sure, but I think this isn’t true. Why would Anna even go on an adventure without Elsa? How would Elsa bear to let her sister go alone? Okay, so…you get the point, right? This probably isn’t true.


Well….I guess that’s it. I know most of you guys already know about the ‘Frozen is gay’ thing, but did you know some people think it COULD be the gayest movie of 2013? Well, anyways, can you guys please answer this poll? (I like making polls. 😛 )





See you,

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Hello, guys!

Hello, guys, Sapphire Rainymist here, Sarah’s guest author. 🙂

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I know, some of you know me as that simple (and talkative) water talent. Well, I just want to give you some additional info about me.

I had three fairies.  Sapphire Rainymist (Water talent), Holly Rosepetal (Garden talent) and Autumn Cozyheart (Animal talent).

It’s quite very obvious that I used Sapphire the most. I lost all my Pixie Hollow screenshots of my three fairies, but here’s what Sapphire looks like in PH UK. You can see everything you need to know about me on the picture.

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