Hello, guys!

Hello, guys, Sapphire Rainymist here, Sarah’s guest author. 🙂

(Sarah, please don’t get mad at me because this is not a post about Disney news; this is just an introductory post.)

I know, some of you know me as that simple (and talkative) water talent. Well, I just want to give you some additional info about me.

I had three fairies.  Sapphire Rainymist (Water talent), Holly Rosepetal (Garden talent) and Autumn Cozyheart (Animal talent).

It’s quite very obvious that I used Sapphire the most. I lost all my Pixie Hollow screenshots of my three fairies, but here’s what Sapphire looks like in PH UK. You can see everything you need to know about me on the picture.

Sapphire UK

(Click to see a larger image.)

Anyone want to visit me? Click here: http://www.disney.co.uk/disney-fairies/create-a-fairy-activity?address=92935ButtercupCanyon (Please leave a message if you can… )

Questions? Corrections? Complaints? (Yes, complaints are welcome.) Leave me a comment! (If anyone knows how to delete a WordPress blog, please leave a comment, too.)

See you next time,

= Sapphire Rainymist =



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