Stuff about Frozen you might not have known…

Hey guys, it’s me: Sapphire Rainymist!! Glad to see you all again!


I know, just by looking at the post title, you guys absolutely know that I have another Frozen post. Well, you could say that I’m addicted to Frozen. It’s because it’s true. 😛


Well, let’s get on to business. I compiled some stuff about Frozen that, I bet, only few people know.


1.) Frozen will have a sequel.




“I am so excited about the latest Disney Gossip. As if I need any introduction (drum roll please) it’s your favorite Disney Gossip — Anonymouse here! My little ears are hearing BIG Disney Rumors that Disney’s Frozen will have a sequel!!!

Disney’s Frozen has been anything but ice cold. It’s hot, hot, hot! With all of the success of the film, Disney CEO Bob Iger has already announced plans for a Broadway musical and the possibility of an upcoming sequel.”


(P. S. If you’re wondering, this is told from Mickey Mouse’s point of view.)


My opinion: Hmm…Yes, Frozen would do for a nice sequel (I hope that they do include something about the life of Hans after he was sent home for his bad behavior. 😉 ) And this is official already, since a Disney CEO said so.


–Do you see the name of the said Disney CEO? It’s Bob Iger! (According to Marigold Sunjewel and Sarah Diamomdswirls, Bob Iger is just Robert Iger, the guy who ORDERED THE CLOSING OF PIXIE HOLLOW.)


2.) Frozen is the gayest movie of 2013.


It seems to have started with Kathryn Skaggs who, according to the title of her blog, is “A Well-Behaved Mormon Woman.” After being dragged against her will three different times by three sets of grandchildren to see Frozen, Skaggs couldn’t “Let It Go” any longer. After the third viewing she was convinced: This beloved movie, with its top-notch animation and its catchy theme song doesn’t just have  undertones (what Disney movie doesn’t?) but is 108 minutes of pure gay propaganda!

Frozen is a feminist movie, claimed some critics, because neither of its female protagonists are rescued by a handsome prince in the end but, rather, they save themselves. Frozen is not so feminist, others argued, because Elsa’s climactic “coming out,” if you will, includes an arguably pretty makeover. Others still took the time to call Frozen racist, accusing Disney of “whitewashing” the indigenous people of Scandinavia, where the animated film is supposed to take place. And this was all before John Travolta epically flubbed singer Idina Menzel’s name, creating a fictional person and immediately overplayed meme, at the Academy Awards.

My opinion:  STOP IT WITH THE GAYS, PLEASE?!? I will NEVER believe that EVERY Disney movie has ‘homosexual undertones’ a.k.a ‘gayness’. I refuse to believe this rumor.

3.) In the sequel I mentioned above; Elsa will NOT make an appearance.


“Due to Elsa being the queen of Arendelle, she will have no time to join Anna and company in their next adventure in the sequel, due to her royal duties.”

My opinion: I’m not sure, but I think this isn’t true. Why would Anna even go on an adventure without Elsa? How would Elsa bear to let her sister go alone? Okay, so…you get the point, right? This probably isn’t true.


Well….I guess that’s it. I know most of you guys already know about the ‘Frozen is gay’ thing, but did you know some people think it COULD be the gayest movie of 2013? Well, anyways, can you guys please answer this poll? (I like making polls. 😛 )





See you,

❤ Sapphire Rainymist ❤





  1. Hey guys I have an idea, hope you like or agree it.
    Just memorize our days when there were big chatting on Sarah’s blog, I miss that chatting’s. The idea is, should we all el ,cris, sap, Sarah…. Remove one blog in all. Means we will discuss name for our blog, headlines, themes,etc. then we all can post on the blog. No need to go on everyone’s blog and scribble there. All will get chance for changing theme each week each member. And even there would be lottttttttts of posts. Wont it? I will never feel bad if you said no because everyone has their rights. Please be true and answer.

    1. I am not going to delete this blog. :O
      The biggest queston is whether the sequel will be a direct-to-video sequel (releasing straight away on DVD) like most Disney movies or will it release in theaters like Toy Story 2 and Toy Story 3, considering that Frozen is the highest grossing animation film of all time.

  2. I not said to delete any blog, anywaya thx for replying Sarah,
    As i have told i will never feel bad of my lovely friends, hey and can u visit my blog plx?

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