My First Post

Hiya Pixie Pals !

Some of you may know me from Marigold’s Blog, but if you don’t, I’m Raindrop.

I am the newest Guest Author to Sarah’s Blog ; Thank You Sarah 😀 😀 😀

I thought the best way to start off my posts was to give a brief introduction of myself and I’ll give you a quick head start of what to expect from my posts. As you know, I post on Marigold’s blog, and on her blog I post Editing Tutorials where I create outfit edits of my fairy in very simple ways. I hope to post the edits I create on this blog, and maybe even the edits YOU create 😀 But I will talk about all this in my next posts. 😉

All About Me

Raindrop Perlin Blue

Name : Raindrop

Arrival Date : 18 February 2010

Talent  : Water

Membership : 29 March 2012 ( 3 Months)

Address : 95830 Waterlily Way

D-Name : flitterificskating

My BFFs : Daisy and Rosa Snowflake

My Friends Forever : Anyone I know 😀

Favorite Animal : Dove

Favorite Color : Aquamarine Blue

Favorite Place : Summer Glade

Favorite Shops : Queen Clarion’s Boutique, Summit Style and all other fashion shops 😉

My Favorite Outfits are below: (Some Edited 🙂  )

Pretty Pretty Raindrop Raindrop- Another awesome outfit raindrop edit Raindrop Frosty Outfit Raindrop Queen Raindrop-FAVE-Summer-OutfitRaindrop -Pretty Plaids


If anyone knows me, please leave a comment below and I might remember you 😉

I hope you liked my Profile and I hope to post super soon 😀

Thank You again Sarah for letting me post on your awesome blog 😀 😀 😀 😀




  1. Hi Raindrop! I am very glad to meet you! My name is Grace! I hope to see more of your posts! And I love your outfits! I enjoy fashion as well so I can’t wait for you to post more of your outfits.I know that you will love it here on Sarah’s blog!

    1. Hi Sarah and Readers;
      I have some exciting news!! I have made my own blog so please come visit it, like it, comment and follow at
      I am opening requests for guest authors so please send me an email at
      And I will see to your request soon !
      Also, Sarah, I have invited you to be a guest author, please check your email and accept the request 😀
      Fly with you,

Let me know what you think, it means so much to me! ღ

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