PH Memories: Animal Derby

Flap it, y’all! Scarlet Rainswirls here! I’m Sarah’s best friend, and I’m going to share one of my most FAVORITE PH memories, Animal Derby! I never really took screenshots of Pixie Hollow, so it’s really just text. I remember being one of the most well-known faires on PH (next to Silver Sundance, who Sarah fortunatly beat in the Mixed Bag race.) for Animal Derby. I dressed up in a helmet, a sock hop scarf, and a furry dress and boots. I would get on my squirrel, whom I called Star, and running down the track, freezing my opponets, sending bee swarms, and starting tornados. I remember getting 80 sunflower seeds, which I used to buy me some dyes, especially Waterfall Blue and Cherry Pink. My Pixie Hollow goal was to get on the leaderboards for Animal Derby, but it never happened. I never even beat Silver Sundance! Well, that’s all for this post! Bye!

Scarlet Rainswirls

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