A very large glimmer of hope

Fairies, I’m now back and I have got a new and very interesting topic to discuss. Guess what it is? Wait…

A reader of this blog called Crystal Watershimmer, has reported something very mysterious. You see, one day, as she was thinking about Pixie Hollow, she searched ‘Create a Fairy and Fly’. And what she found was really great. She found two sites, similar to Pixie Hollow! However, if you click on the buttons like ‘start’ or ‘login’ then it doesn’t work, but still.

Here is information about the sites:

Site No#1: http://pixiehollow.go.com/index_distribution.html

Name: Create your very own fairy and fly into Pixie Hollow


Now, the picture you see above is that of the site. Don’t think its unofficial. It does belong to Disney. They are using pictures of the Never Council members, Tinker Bell, and Pixie Hollow. No one except Disney has the rights to use these pictures. What does this mean? Maybe, Pixie Hollow opening again? Who knows!


Site No# 2:http://gameserver.pixiehollow.com/

Name:Create a Fairy and Fly!


This site fully belongs to Disney. They are using pictures, clickables, links, but like the other site, if you click the buttons, then they don’t work.

Now, what do you think? It seems as if Pixie Hollow is opening again. It will be a bit old, with Clickables, cheap Membership, maybe no Pixie Diamonds, and more facilities for Non-members.

Tell me what you think in a comment below! 🙂



  1. Hey Sarah u r so nice the paragraph u wrote about me is so nice thx for writing my name there.
    P.S: do u mind if I call u my bff from today.

  2. Sarah can u tell me if I find something more on disney fairies how can I tell it to u to make it a lovely post?
    P.S: what is the name of ur school?

    1. I’ve been on PH since 2009. And I’ve NEVER seen the first one. If you think about it, Sparrow men were introduced to Pixie Hollow in August 2010, I believe. And there are Sparrow men in the first picture. So there’s no way it is older than the second one. Because I don’t remember another website page besides the second one. So there is definitely something going on in the first one…

  3. Well Marigold, the website was closed until now. Why did it open again? It does seem like PH is gonna open again! 🙂
    btw I know you are busy these days so thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment 😀

  4. I’ve tried clicking ‘Play’ with so much hope that it would finally… Well, the story of my bubble bursting isn’t a very interesting one 😉

    Maybe they’re taking old screenshots and rebuilding with two new designs? Hmm… I can’t wait to see how this progresses!

    ~ Minerva ~

  5. that site dose belong to Disney . its a sign . & I know what it means . first this & now on serch sites like goggle say CREATE A FARIY & FLY COMMING SOON ! its coming back maby as early as December or may or even Aprill ! in would love if it will come back on my b-day aprill 9 . that will be a really great b – day !

    1. Yeah, I hope it at least comes back by April or May! Because my real b-day is April 10th and my fairies is May 3rd! That would definitely be a awesome birthday alright!!

  6. I hope it comes back!!! I really hope it does!!!. I only joined it in like 2010 or 2009 or something, I loved it, then I stopped playing cause everything seemed as if it was for members, then I came on months later, only to find out it was closing, I can still remember my last day. R.I.P PH. resurrect please. plus Melissa how u no ph is comin back?

Let me know what you think, it means so much to me! ღ

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