Are you similar to Elsa from Frozen?

Below are some telltale signs that you’re actually Elsa from Frozen.

You want to build a snowman.
Olaf from Frozen

You’re not afraid to use your serious face.
Elsa's serious face in Frozen

You lose your temper on occasion.
Elsa from Frozen can't control her magic

Your soul is spiraling in frozen fractals all around. (Fun fact: a fractal is a curve or geometric pattern.)
Elsa from Frozen surrounded by ice

You’re into attention to detail.
Elsa's shoes in Frozen

Some days you just want to let it go (let it gooooooooo) and be who you are inside.
Let It Go

You look great in blue.
Elsa from Frozen in blue

You’re all about the dress train.
Frozen concept art of Elsa

Idina Menzel does all your singing. (You wish!)
Idina Menzel sings Let It Go from Frozen

You’re the ruler of your own kingdom (literally or figuratively).
Elsa steps on ice

You don’t want to dance with the Duke of Weselton. (But you do look FAB in gloves.)
Elsa from Frozen with Anna and the Duke of Weselton

The cold never bothered you anyway.
The cold never bothered me anyway from Frozen

At the end of the day, you really do love your sibling.
Elsa and Anna hug in Frozen

So… are you?

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On the other news, there is no point of saying that Anna and Elsa looks similar to Rapunzel.


They might look similar in franchise pictures, but when you watch the movies, then they are no way similar. The fact is that both Frozen and Tangled are made in the same animation.

Plus, Anna, Elsa and Rapunzel are no way cousins. There are tons of posts saying they are, as their parents share similar features, but it’s all about animation! Rapunzel and Eugene(Flynn) made an appearance in Frozen just to generate some curiosity and this has happened in many Disney films earlier. Like, there were many things like a poster of Mulan in Lilo and Stitch. Disney loves to have fun, that’s it!

Anyways, the news is not official either.

What do you think?



  1. Whoa, I am like Elsa. But I don’t look good in cool colors and I’m not really into detail. But I do lose my temper quickly. 😉

  2. Gosh!!!!!
    On Monday I have maths
    I always practice but I can’t remember the formulas ever.
    I always cry before a math exam 😦 :,(

    1. Oh. I’m good at Math. I’d really like to help you help you out but you’re older than me and I don’t know what your lessons are, anyway. 😦

  3. its ok . do your best . its ok . before tests that are boring I rub some fairy dust on me I got from Frankenmuth . I can tell you how to make it . use more glitter then anything else . I wish I can give you a little bit . I also play with needed erasers . they are made of clay . use it befor the test . squeeze it in your hand . don’t play with too much . so your techer wont see . I say fairy dust is better . hope it will help . you can also go to bed earlier .

  4. iam like elsa . I lose my temper when I’m REALLY MAD .I look good in blue but I cant stand 15o under & I WONT wanna dance with the duke ok wesleton .

  5. writing & English is my fav subject . I also like art . hay guys guse what ! my bff from my old school was in the news paper . I’m going back to my old school next year . at this school we don’t go on feld trips & all we learn is math but I cant swich to a new school because the schools really mean . anyways isn’t that cool ?

  6. ohh ! lucky ! we get math ! to much . those are some of my fav subjects . my fav is writing . my 2nt is history , 3rd is science & 4 is spelling . is it easy for you ? just make it fun . pick a good book that’s interesting about them .

  7. but one day iam gonna be a animator so I need to get good in math . but ill just take extra class’s or just be a painter . I don’t know yet . all I do is that drawing is fun !!

  8. My maths exam is terrible.
    I ALWAYS get totally blank
    We have algebra, geometry perimeter and area for circles and triangles
    I totally scared 😦

  9. Crystal, the disclaimer part tells that no one can use any content of my blog in any way without my permission.
    My vernacular language is Bengali and my third language is Hindi. Apart from that, I learn French, Urdu, German, Arabic, Spanish and Mandarin. 🙂

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