Frozen won two Academy Awards!

Frozen just won its second Academy Award! They’re taking home the golden statues for Animated Feature Film AND Original Song! Congratulations to Chris Buck, Jennifer Lee, Peter Del Vecho, Kristen Anderson-Lopez, Robert Lopez and everyone else involved in the production.


The cold never bothered me anyway from Frozen


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  1. Crystal, see my last comment on the home page for the answer to your question. And, my second and third languages are Bengali and Hindi respectively. Apart from them, I learn five other languages.

  2. hey Sarah remember u made a comment at Marigold’s saying that if Frozen becomes a big hit, PH might reopen. SO frozen’s getting pretty popular. So what r ur thoughts? Will PH reopen?

    1. Okay, guys, Frozen already won 2 awards. That makes it a REALLY HUGE hit movie.

      Which means a bigger chance of PH reopening! Elva, you’re right. 😀

  3. well theres are answer . I’m sorry for being so down but I’m mad at Disney . when I went on the site it dint have the test page ! just the faq’s ! what do you think .

  4. Okay, this is kinda weird.

    We’re advertising our new posts and stuff on someone else’s blog. Oh well, I’m doing that too, anyway. 😉

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