Which Disney Fairy Are You?

I was just browsing through the posts on an official Disney blog when I found this…

Tinker Bell and her fairy friends are pretty great. They live in Pixie Hollow (where all fairies call home) and they have really cool talents that we kind of wish we had too . . . like catching the rays from a sunset to give to cute little fireflies. Amazing.


The thing about the Disney Fairies is that we really identify with them. They either remind us of ourselves or of someone we know, which has led us to the obvious question: which Disney Fairy are you most like? Take a look below to find your match:

Which Disney Fairy Are You?

Which Disney fairy are you? I am pretty similar to Fawn and Iridessa and a teeny weeny bit of Silvermist. 😉

On the other news, I just made a drawing on Disney Create, which is my best so far…
MyArtI drew Anna from Frozen. How is it?
Which Disney Fairy are you most like? Tell me in a comment below! 🙂


  1. I am Silvermist!! Yeah, I really like water, too. 🙂

    Sarah, do you mind if I copy this on my blog?? I’ll say that you originally posted this.

    1. Julie can you please look in your blog? Because I left you a comment about something important, but it needs to be moderated.

  2. cool pic sarah . how did you do that ? I can draw like that on paper & windows draw on my lap top but I cant do it on Disney . weard huh ? anyways you have a gift sarah . I love that pic . so cool . I’m mosly like tink in your chart . btw I have a pic I wanna show you . I have a new how to draw tinkerbell app & I made tink . I love drawing .

  3. the app sarah ? if you wanna know the app you go to the app store & search how to draw tinkerbell . take the one in the pink . the one in the pink with tinks head is the the one I have . the tap install & you have it . its fun . draw tink like a pro . I also started a blog on wordpress . its called melodyglittershimmmer.wordpress.com

      1. I know . I saw . thanks sap !!! :] hay sarah ya know the most recent commit box . well when I had the blue pic I saw it in the box but I don’t see my new pic there . I see sap but I don’t know why I cant see it . I think my lap top is getting old .

  4. hi guys . I am going back to school tomorrow . :[ I wont come hear ofen because of school . :[ :[
    :[ . iam also working on a plane to save our hollow . iam thinking calling cp & reporting that cp is not safe . pixie hollow got better safety views then cp .

Let me know what you think, it means so much to me! ღ

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