Love drawing? Try Disney Create!

Do you love drawing on a paper or, perhaps, on a computer? Or it might just be a time-pass thing?

Then, I recommend DISNEY CREATE for you.

Disney Create, better known as DC, is a super-safe art sharing website for kids.It is very much like MS Paint, but the difference is that you can save and share your art with thousands of other kids around the globe, get comments, gifts and stars on your art, and earn fans.


You have to either draw on a computer with a mouse, or a on a tablet. You won’t be very good at first,remember. But gradually, you will improve and draw very well. People also ‘fan’ you if they like your art.

I joined DC on 1st January, 2014 aka New Year. I wasn’t very good at drawing on the computer at first, but now I draw pretty well. Here is the link to my account on DC:

P.S. As the site belongs to Disney, you can sign in with your Disney Account. I signed in with my Pixie Hollow Account, and my d-name is WaltDisneysMulan, the same I had in PH!

Some of my drawings made on DC:





I mostly draw Disney Characters, though you can draw anything you wish to. But make sure your art doesn’t contain inappropriate  content not suitable for children, as your art has to be approved before others see it.

There are also contests on DC. You can enter a contest or make one yourself. Usually, the prizes are something like the artist who held the contest would fan you or rate your art or such.


Again, you will always improve! There are some popular artists on DC such as artwonder12, Bo Bo Joe and candifloss who have as many as 7000-10000 fans! But having less fans doesn’t mean you are not good. You will gradually earn fans. Some artists also get featured!


All popular artists didn’t start out well. They improved a lot before drawing well.

On DC, you can choose from different apps aka digital painters, photo mash-ups flip books and more to create art. They are different like Disney Fairies Painter, Manga Painter, Disney Princess Painter and more. You can use stamps, but it’s much better if you draw by yourself!




If you need further help or want to connect with DC Artists, visit Disney Create Wiki!

If you have any questions, then ask me in a comment below. 🙂

Have fun all, and keep creating! 😀






    1. Hello Sapphire. Thank you for the compliment! I have been practicing for a month now, and that’s the result. I am sure you will improve too. Once you start drawing on DC, don’t forget to link your account to me. I would love to see your drawings! 🙂

  1. Sarah, I saw your artwork in the ‘Suggested Artwork’ part! It was by WaltDisneysMulan. (a.k.a Sarah Diamondswirls) I liked it, Sarah, but I couldn’t comment because all those other users took all the words from my head. 😉

    (P.S. that artwork is your colored drawing of Anna.)

  2. MEMORIES! This is making me so happy, but sad at the same time. I wish it was back. But if they brought it back, it might not be the same

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