Beautiful Tangled Concept Art

Tangled is one of my favorite Disney movies, and I recently discovered some gorgeous Tangled Concept art.


“She doesn’t actually know that she is [a princess]. And as far as she knows, the outside world is bad, so she feels safe in [her tower]. She wants to be safe, and it was a problem until we actually started to let her have drive.” – Glen Keane (Art by Claire Keane)


Art by Scott Watanabe


Art by Scott Watanabe



Art by Andy Harkness


Art by Bill Perkins


“Before, in earlier versions of the character, he was a big, very soft-minded-but-warm-hearted guy, and not as handsome as this guy!” – Jin Kim (Art by Jin Kim and Glen Keane)


“Glen Keane originally wanted Rapunzel’s companion to be a squirrel – he felt like you can’t rub your check on a chameleon. But I really felt that for our girl, it would be something different.” – Mark Kennedy (Art by Glen Keane and Jin Kim)


Art by David Goetz



Art by Claire Keane




“I love that these lanterns represent what Rapunzel wants, but even more that it’s a symbol of something inside every sixteen-, seventeen-, eighteen-year old. This bigger calling, this idea of independence, a huge personal leap of ‘Me becoming Myself.'” – Glen Keane (Art by Jeffrey Turley)


Which of these is your favorite, and why? Tell me in a comment, below. 😀

Meanwhile, let me update you with some of my own artwork:




Ema from Brothers Conflict

Emma Watson

Emma Watson

Sarah Diamondswirls ❤



  1. Thank you for sharing all the lovely Tangled art (one of my favorite Disney movies as well) along with a few of your personal pieces 😀

    If I had to choose (which is SO difficult, because they’re all beautiful), my favorite of the Tangled art is the piece by Scott Watanabe where Flynn is climbing Rapunzel’s hair (the 2nd one from the top of the post). The look on their faces is so playful and full of excitement to see one another, and yet it’s also a very loving look they share. It reflects their relationship and personalities perfectly. Love it ❤

    Your art pieces are amazing, Sarah! I am especially drawn to your sketch of Emma, because of her thoughtful expression. Stunning 🙂

  2. WOW everything you showed us is AMAZING, thank you Sarah :). Also your art was so AMAZING you are so talented :).

    Fly with you, Carrie Tuliptwist

  3. Wow! You are such a good artist! I try to draw Anime but… Ya r AMAZING! I really hope you read this comment! Your and a couple other Bloggers have really helped to keep PH in my heart!

    If you ago on and look up: Pixie Hollow (video game), read the whole thing. At the bottom of one of the articles it says: Pixie Hollow will open on June 2015. 😀 IDK if this was a typo or not, but its getting me super excited in case it is coming back! I’m trying to spread the word as much as I can. Please pass it on!

    And Fairy Lover 🙂

      1. Sorry Sarah, one more thing.

        I play the online MMO Wizard101, so if you play it, I would love to meet up some time online and play. My Wizard’s name is Autumn Singer. Tell me if you wanna. Love your blog. Never stop 🙂

        And Fairy – Lover

  4. Hi, I’m Tessa! Fly with you! I love your page, and can’t wait to see more of your posts! Check out my page if you want: 🙂

    Btw, thanks for sharing these artworks! They’re so beautiful *-* I have seen some of them before, but some were also new to me! My favorite is the top one by Claire Keane, I absolutely adore her work! The lighting in this particular drawing is wonderful and I love her brush strokes and the way she uses color to make something look realistic.

    You are so talented!! You captured Emma Watson really well on the bottom drawing!


  5. I love Tangled’s concept art! They really got Rapunzel’s unique personality and story. *Jaw drops*..your drawing of Emma Watson is truly beautiful.You definitely did a wonderful job with her expression!

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