Pixie Hollow: Still in Our Hearts

Hello, Wonderful Pixies!

Exams are over, so hopefully, you can expect more from me now. 🙂

Meanwhile, a lot of changes have taken place recently in P.B.C a.k.a Pixie Blogging Community.

Firstly, the new, super awesome, 2015 Pixie Hollow Events!

Pixie Hollow is gone, yes, but that definitely can’t stop us from celebrating the one aspect that binds all of us into a single community- Pixie Hollow. We are all here because we had pixies in Pixie Hollow, and care enough not to forget about that. Since PH closed in September 2013, we didn’t have any events in the following year.

Now, to make 2015 a happier time for us pixies, we have the awesome Marigold Sunjewel’s brainchild- the 2015 Pixie Hollow Events. Of course, these events aren’t going to be exactly like the ones we had in Hollow, but they are going to be equally fun and the spirit remains!


The event going on currently is the 2015 Clover Days Event. Click here to read more.

Then, I have been seeing a lot of new pixies joining our community, as readers, bloggers and guest authors. I want to thank all of them. ❤ Just like millions of drops make  single ocean, all these pixies make up our little community. We need your support! 😀

Lastly, a topic which has been highlighted very often- where are the other pixies? While I can see a lot of new  pixies joining us, it strikes me that a lot of the older members of our community have become invisible.

Winter has melted into spring already, so it’s time to come out of your hibernation and celebrate together like a—- March Hare, maybe? 😀

Silver white winters melting into spring remind me of The Sound Of Music, which completes its 50th year this month.


Sorry for the random mention. ^^; The Sound of Music is one of my favorite movies and I never get bored when I’m watching it. 😀

Just like Maria (played by Julie Andrews)  brings back music into the Von Trapp children’s’ lives, we need to bring Pixie Hollow back to ours. ^^

Take care!

Sarah 😀



  1. Welcome back, Sarah!!! 😀
    I loved this post, because you addressed so many important topics ❤
    – It makes me happy that I have seen more new pixies coming out and participating because of the 2015 events. I hope our PBC continues to grow as more pixies get involved 🙂
    – "Just like millions of drops make a single ocean, all these pixies make up our little community. We need your support!" Well said, Sarah! You are very correct!
    – I have also often wondered where the older members of our PBC have gone…I understand that some have become too busy to maintain their blogs, but why don't they comment anymore?
    – The Sound of Music is also one of my favorite musicals! 🙂 So timeless and classic. "When I'm feeling sad, I simply remember my favorite things, and then I don't feel so bad!" Pixie Hollow is definitely one of my favorite things 😉
    ♥ Marigold

  2. Sorry Sarah, I honestly thought i’d already commented on this wonderful post :). I really do love the 2015 pixie hollow events. :). But I do have an unrelated question: am I the only one who can’t find the pixie hollow FAQ page?

    Fly with you, Carrie Tuliptwist

      1. I don’t know, you should check out my post on Minerva’s blog about it. Lots of pixie’s are commenting their ideas.

  3. Welcome back Sarah ! All your post are very interesting to read. I really miss the older members of PBC I really hope they come back soon. But I’m very glad that a lot of new pixies are joining the PBC.

  4. It’s so nice to see you guys again, still posting and having fun.

    I’m really sorry that I don’t really come much here. It’s like I’m super busy all of a sudden. I see my old friends Sap, Melissa, El and Julie aren’t here but oh well. It’s nice to see Marigold, Sarah, Rose and Minerva. Go pixies!
    I see new pixies. Wow, that’s good. 😀
    Hey new pixies!!!
    I also see many new changes. It’s really great to see you pixies to start organising these awesome events to keep the fun continued. Although I couldn’t participate in the Clover Days event, I really want to see what interesting events you all got in store for us in the coming days.
    Lastly, as I’m getting many questions and requests relating to my blog, I want to say that I’m really sorry but I’m not gonna post anymore. As you can see I’m not even able to comment, I cannot make time to maintain a blog. I’m really sorry, pixies 😦

    But hey, on the brighter note, I’ll be coming here more for a week or two. 🙂

    1. Welcome back, Crystal! 😀

      Yes, Melissa, Sap, Julie and Elva don’t come on here anymore. I wish they would. 😦

      I am glad to see you back. ❤

      Aw, I wish you could post. In loved reading your posts! You can still be a guest author here. ^•^

      I'm waiting to hear more from you! 😀

      1. Thank you, Sarah. 🙂

        I wish they could come too. Everytime I come here, I secretly wish that they would be here. I go and check their blogs whenever I get time but in vain. 😦

        I’m glad to see you and others as well 😀

        Aw, thanks for the offer, Sarah. That’s really appreciated. I’ll think about it and let you as soon as possible.

        Ah, it’s like good old times ❤


  5. Oh that’s so wonderful Cryst. 😀 I was gonna send u an email like the other pixies that haven’t been here for a while. But no need 2 now. I’m so glad u r back.:)

      1. YAY. I don’t know if you remember me Crystal, but just before you left your blog I dropped a few comments. Your blog was the first I subscribed to because I recognized your name from the hollow and on your blog we had established that we were friends XD. It’s really cool to that your back because you are such a wonderful pixie :).

        Fly with you, Carrie Tuliptwist

  6. Carrie, yeah I do remember you. Thank you for subscribing to my blog….I’m happy to see you again. I remember you from the hollow sometime, I guess. Your name does ring a bell.
    You’re a wonderful pixie too 🙂


  7. I love reading these blogs. You all give me a sense of hope for PH. You all may not know me, but I used to LOVE to play PH. It brought me to tears once I found out the Hollow no longer exists. I hope PH comes back and that we all can be friends. 🙂

    With faith,

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