Christmas Reunion!

Hello, Fairy Friends! Sarah here. 🙂

I hope everyone has been doing well. ^^ I have been quite busy juggling school and projects and homework recently and the result- I haven’t posted since weeks!

I apologize to you all for this. :O

It’s winter already, and it looks like everyone has gone into hibernation. Well then, pixie pals, here is an excuse for waking up again…

Banner by Crystal Airshine

Banner by Crystal Airshine

Yes, a Christmas Reunion! This shall be our second re-union, and all pixies are invited! 😀

And, this one is supposed to be better, and go smoothly. :3

And the best thing? We are actually meeting for a joyous reason- Christmas! (By the way, as you read this, do notice the snow falling down the page. )

Please, please, do come! I don’t want to coerce anyone, but you must come, really. We want to reminisce all the memories that we made together. 🙂




Details! The meeting is taking place at:

1. Rose Morningmist’s Worlize version of Pixie Hollow for pixies older than 13 years old: (Sign in before clicking the link)

2. At Crystal Airshine’s chat box. Link:

3. Minerva’s chat box, if she installs one

4. All our pixie blogs!

5. Another virtual world (please vote at Crystal’s blog or here):




As for the time and place, the meetings shall be held from the 28th of December to the 31st during the same month.

The time is 10+ GMT time.

To learn all about what time that is for your country follow the link:

Or use this convertor :

Thanks to Rose Morningmist, for working so very hard for the Worlize world. Rose has also posted the details herself so to check her blog follow the link:

Xmas picks - Frozen


Please, do spread the word by new blog posts, email, Google+, Facebook etc. etc. You can also reblog my post if you are a WordPress user, and Crystal’s post if you use Blogger.


Have a wonderful Christmas, and a great New Year. Do drop by and talk to your Pixie Pals! ^^



Take care!






  1. I would love to come but I don’t really go on Worlize anymore. :c Plus I’m not really allowed on the computer anymore so it will be kinda hard. Would we some how if we all own like a phone or something to download an app we would all be safe using and meet there. I dont know if that will work for anyone because of age and all. But yea. Sorry. TT-TT -dramatic cry-

  2. Hey Sarah! Happy Holidays! 😀
    It’s almost that time of the year again huh ? 😛
    Anyways, love the new looksof the blog (the snow is adorable) and thanks for helping by posting about this as well, and also for providing links to/reffering to my blog 🙂
    See you at the reunion Pixie Pal!
    ~Merry Christmas

      1. Thanks you too!! ^^
        By the way, i just wanted to say there’s an update: Rose counted the votes at both our blogs, and Fantage is the “winner”. See if you can please post on that?
        (The exact details of the server and place are at my blog)
        ~Thanks ^_^

  3. Btw if we r meeting at AJ. I just created an account on Saturday last week, but my buddy list became full in just one week so I have no more room on my buddy list.

  4. Happy New Year in less than 24 hours pixies!!!! 😀

    It feels so good to be reading posts and commenting on them.
    And lastly, Merry Christmas!! ( VERY late I know :P)

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