What to post about?

Heya, Fairy Friends!

Sarah here. 🙂

This question has been bugging me for the past few weeks, and innumerable other pixie bloggers since last year- what to post about?

This is a big problem, since this blog was originally meant to be exclusively about Pixie Hollow, but situations have compelled me to include other Disney stuff as well.

Recently, a lot of readers have been expressing their wishes to see posts related to Pixie Hollow on Pixie blogs. I don’t blame them. But, is there really anything left? Anything at all?

It was definitely not a bland idea, to include more of non- Pixie Hollow stuff in my posts. It was just that I wanted to illuminate things up.

I should like to ask for any suggestions you have, about what I, and other Pixie bloggers can post about now, that Hollow is closed. Is there anything interesting related to Disney Fairies going on?

Let me know in a comment, below. 🙂

Take Care!




  1. I myself don’t have any suggestions but Sarah whatever you do don’t stop blogging because that would be as sad as pixie hollow closing

  2. I’m not sure. If I knew something that would be interesting to post about I would tell you immediately or post on my blog or the blogs that I’m a guest author or editor on. I’m sorry but I really don’t know. 😐

  3. The last post I made that I thought was “okay” was the Secret of the Wings ( How to build a toboggan, how to ice skate,how to build a snowman, etc.) videos that they had on the PH homepage. :/

  4. I agree completely – with the disappearance of Pixie Hollow growing further and further in the past, it’s becoming more difficult to write about anything of that sort.

    While I’m venturing into more of a story direction, I can totally understand the pain of not knowing what to write. It’s not quite writer’s block – that’s what makes it so annoying :/

    I could suggest a few things:
    – talk about something else you’re interested in (ie. maybe a different game you enjoyed)
    – maybe talk about Worlize or any other recreation…
    I do like what you’re doing with the Disney reviews though…
    And if we run really desperate, anything that vaguely connects with Disney will do 😛

    Good luck!


  5. I know what you mean, Sarah. I’d love to make my blog Pixie Hollow-exclusive again, but there just isn’t enough news to post about anymore… 😦

    I love your artwork ♥ You are so talented. Maybe you could post Pixie Hollow-themed artwork and pair it with a short story or contest…I’m just thinking out loud, but if you like the idea, we could brainstorm 🙂

  6. Personally, I would run in the story direction being a writer and all, but artwork seems to be more of your style. Try edits of our PH friends, or draw some of us and pair w/story like Mari said. Good luck!

Let me know what you think, it means so much to me! ღ

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