I am back!

Hey there, Pixie Pals!

As the title suggests, Sarah is back, and how! 😀

My vacations are going to end soon, and I shall be busy with school, but I can assure that I will post regularly, and bring to you some fresh news. 😉

How has everyone been? I didn’t have a stable internet connection while vacating, so I couldn’t come on often.

However, I have realized that, as Autumn is going and Winter is knocking at the door, several fairies have gone into hibernation, again. -.-

Nevertheless,I hope those pixies join us soon, and we have a blast during Winter. ^^

Last and not the least, I should like to thanks Marigold for posting some awesome stuff during my absence, and those lovely readers who check this blog- and other Pixie blogs everyday without fail. 🙂 (Even though there are very few of those)

Fly with ya!

Sarah 😀



  1. This is wonderful news!I can’t wait to read your posts again! Some more good news, fairyabc is said to be opening soon!

  2. yay its wonderful to know you are going to be back, Sarah 🙂 😀 it will be great to here some more news from you not that i didn’t love Marigolds posts 🙂

    Fly with you, Carrie Tuliptwist

  3. Hi there friends! Glad to see u all! I am really missing u friends. Whenever i think about u my heart sinks in the ocean of sorrow and tears rolls through my chicks making me more and more nervous. And a greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeat thanks to Sarah that she has still kept my blog on blog roll. That’s very very kind of u Sarah. I really love u guys miss u. and thx for ur encouragement…………………you guys will always have some share of my heart. BYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! LOVE U ALL!

  4. Hi guys . sorry I can’t be hear much but I have awesome news . I emailed Disney about a idea I had . a day of pH . you go on your old account & play for a day . they said they will tell someone in the correct department . they said they might consider it but I don’t know . don’t get all pie in the sky because Robert iger might denie it . tell ya more soon ,
    Best wishes

  5. I’m so mad !!! This boy at school constantly bullies me and slapped me today and told the teacher I started it and so I got in trouble !!! I did nothing to him to make him act like this!!! I told my teacher, principal, and councilor that he was bullying me and none of them believe me. They all act like he’s an angel and I’m the problem !!! I told my parents , but they said they couldn’t do anything about it. I try to ignore him, but then he punches or slaps me!!! Any suggestion of how I need to react ? 😡 !

  6. Oh,wow. Okay Rose. This is really serious. You can’t just let him do that. If it is like joking around, than you should talk to him and tell him that you will go to authorities if he dose not stop. And if he’s actually hurting you, that is abuse rose. Try to tell them, show them, and if that still wont work, try higher authorites, such as headmaster, or even the police if it gets too serious. Please stay safe. Try to ignore him as much as you can.

    1. wow thats really scary rose, you should really keep telling the teachers and such. Please stay safe Grace gave great advice 🙂

  7. Hi Sarah! I’m so glad you’re back, i really missed your posts! ^_^
    By the way, speaking of unstable internet connection , mine has been driving me nuts! =.=
    Anyways, i’m looking forward to your new posts! 🙂

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