Pixie Hollow Reunion: Important stuff

Hey there, Fairy Friends 😀

A few days back, I posted about the “Pixie Hollow Reunion”. Click here to read the post.

There are barely two days left, now. I am not quite sure if we can manage it all. It’s easy to say, “We’ll manage”, but can we actually manage?

I emailed every pixie I knew about this. Many fairies re-blogged this (thanks a bunch!).

So far, 12-13 pixies have commented on my post. So, I am not sure if we can sketch everything out well. However, in comparison, many people voted on the poll. Results are as follows:

1st~ ‘Other’ : 10 votes

2nd~ ‘Club Penguin’ and ‘Animal Jam’  : 4 votes each

3rd~ ‘Fantage’ : 2 votes

4th~ ‘Spark City World’, ‘Bin Weevils’ and ‘Minecraft’ : 1 vote each


That pretty much clears out the doubts about the place where we are going to meet up.

Most people have voted for the option ‘Other’, which indicates that they want to meet up on a blog. The only thing left now is to set up a chat box. I think Minerva can do that.

Since this would span around a few days, we can meet up on a virtual world once or twice- preferably Club Penguin or Animal Jam.



This one is a big problem. A very big one, in fact. You can’t just go and celebrate alone. We all need to be together- after all that is what this was meant to be, after all.

A few pixies have let me know about their timings~

Crystal Watershimmer and me: GMT + 5.30

Rachel Clarion: GMT- 4

Jade Vanillaflash: GMT-6

Carrie Tuliptwist: GMT +11

Melissa: GMT- 6

Sunrise Starbeam: GMT + 3.30

Minerva Grace: GMT + 1.30

Sapphire Rainymist: GMT + 8


This is a touch hard. Our timings differ from each other to a large extent. Here, I will say that, “We might manage”. If we won’t, we shall regret it.

If you haven’t let me know about your timings yet, make sure to do so now!

More: Now that we know about almost everyone’s time, we need to need when EXACTLY you want to come. In this case, to make things more convenient, tell me about when you want to come in this format:

Example: Like, I should like to come at any time between 11: 30 – 1: 30 GMT. Of course, I will manage according to the time suitable for all.


That’s all for now.

Let me know about when you want to come, and other additional information as soon as possible.

Take Care!




  1. So sorry, Sarah! I forgot to give my time zone. It’s GMT – 5. I think it’s amazing how PH brought us all together as friends from all around the world ❤
    As far as a blog to meet on, I think Minerva's Blog would be best if she can install a chat box. Otherwise, we can meet on yours or mine (or both) in a special reunion post.

  2. I think the people on the pixie hollow forums are having a meet-up there as well as on someones blog i will do my best to be there but on Sept 19 i have school ( but no homework so that’s good ) and on the day after its my mums birthday so we are going out but i should still have plenty of time to come.

  3. The chat box has been installed – just a heads up 😉
    I’m just going to say that I may or may not be able to make the reunion depending on the days… Anything from the 18th to 21st won’t work, unfortunately… The 22nd will do nicely though 🙂

    I also put together a little banner for the reunion… It’s on my blog 😛


    1. Hey Minerva!
      I checked out your chatbox. Hm.. there are some random people on there. Not sure if I’m looking at the right thing, but…

      1. Hmmm.. That’s certainly possible.. I don’t know if you’re looking at the right thing..
        My icon may or may not be there.. It’s orange 😉
        I recently realized that as well and I changed it so maybe you’re still looking at the old one? Try refresh, I guess o.o


  4. Hi Sarah, okay so I don’t think I can come on a chat box. I mean my computer will not be free…..and the chat box isn’t available on iPad 😦
    As for the time…..if I can chat in comments I’m there 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm on our time. Taking a few breaks occasionally 🙂

      1. Sarah…..I just read Marigold’s post. If she won’t be there …..who will moderate the comments so fast?

  5. Tomorrow I’ll doubt I’ll be able to be online- I’m only home for 2 hours the whole day! Still, I could try to stop by between 12:00-2:00 my time. Don’t worry, I plan on participating, and I have a (hopefully finished) story to share!

    P.S.- If anyone DOES NOT want to be in the story, please let me know. If you’re in it, it might be very out of character with dialogue and whatnot.

  6. Hey Sarah tommorows the reunion so wear are we gonna meet ? I’m avalible 6:00pm to 8:00 pm . right now its six thirty so u know the time difference . I will 100 % be able to play scw

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