The Pixie Hollow Reunion

Hello yet again, Pixie Pals! As you all are know, we are gearing for an ultimate reunion which would start on the 19th of September, that is Pixie Hollow’s 1st closure anniversary. We want to rekindle our friendships and revive our community. I have decided on this name- “The Pixie Hollow Reunion“. Credits to the awesome Marigold Sunjewel, for choosing the name. She is one of the most active pixies around, and is always lending a helping hand to others. 🙂 This reunion or get together would span around a few days, so that anyone willing to come can join. I think it could stretch around 3-4 days for everyone’s convenience. Now, we need to decide on a few essential things. I am a little perturbed, since there are a few days left for the ‘celebration’, but I hope we figure things out. We need each others’ help, remember! A few people can’t do this alone- everyone has to contribute. ^^ Lets see~ ******************************************************************* 1. Time Since we live scattered around different parts of the world, our time zones aren’t the same. So, we need to decide on a time which is convenient for everyone. Of course, the reunion shall span over a few days, but you wouldn’t want to come with great enthusiasm only to find yourself alone. ^^; if you aren’t comfortable with commenting the name of your country, you can comment below telling me the difference between your time and the GMT that is the Greenwich Mean Time. For example, my time is GMT + 5 hours 30 minutes. I hope that clarifies it. 🙂 ******************************************************************* 2. Place This is literally the most important of them all. WHERE would we meet? It could be a blog, or another virtual world. Here is a poll for possible places to meet up:

Please, do vote! **************************************************************** 3. What to post This is for the bloggers. We need to post something special in honor of Pixie Hollow. Even if you don’t post anymore, just take sometime, and post a little message, or anything you wish. You just have to show that you still care. It’s up to you what you want to post about. Everyone is doing different stuff, and it feels marvelous! ^.^ ******************************************************************** 4. What to comment Readers matter the most! Of course, bloggers also turn into readers when they drop by other blogs. 🙂 Comment something special on new posts in the honor of Hollow. Your voice means a lot. ********************************************************************* 5. What shall we talk about? We would meet up, yes, but what would we talk about? Since most of us haven’t met each other in Pixie Hollow, it would be great to talk to each other ‘face to face’. Moreover, a lot of pixies shall be present. We would talk about our memories in PH, what we feel about it, and innumerable  other stuff. We all haven’t talked since ages, so it would feel good. 😀 *********************************************************************** 6. Participants This reunion is being held, all right. But, are you COMING? This matters the most, you know. Please do come if you were a pixie in Pixie Hollow. Most of us haven’t been active lately. I want all of us to unite on this special day. Comment below telling me that you would come. I will try to make a list. Since this community of ours is small, we want everyone to drop by. It would mean so much- to get together. ************************************************************************* 7. Chat Box If we are meeting up a blog, we can talk through comments or a chat box. A chat box would be better. I tried installing one, but in vain. TT _ TT I tried using a XAT chat box, but it didn’t work. If you can install a chat box on your blog for a few days, please comment below saying so. We need your help! ********************************************************************** So yes, that basically sums up everything I am worried about. ^^; We need to work in a harmonious way, you see. Everyone should come. We need each other. My final message? LETS REKINDLE OUR FRIENDSHIPS AND REVIVE OUR COMMUNITY That one line mentioned above is my ultimate goal. 😀 newsletter Do leave a comment below and let me know about the necessary details like the time, place etc., and if you can arrange for a chat box. Also, please vote! SPREAD THE WORD! RE-BLOG THIS, POST ABOUT THIS AND TELL ABOUT THIS TO ALL THE PIXIES YOU KNOW. Fly with you all, Sarah Diamondswirls<3 Faith, trust & pixie dust



  1. Sarah as you lknow I live in your country….the time I would be comfortable is 6:00 pm onwards…..
    And count me in for sure!!
    I would like to meet on a blog 🙂

      1. I’m in EST. 🙂

        I have another idea: it’s not a virtual world, but we could use a forum website or something. One of the main websites that I use has a forum, and it’s kind of like anyone can post at any time, no matter what time zone you’re in.

        It’s just a suggestion, though. :T

        There’s also CPPS, which stands for Club Penguin Private Server. I don’t use it very often, but it’s a suggestion.

  2. I’m free for chatting! I live GMT -6 so it is a touch hard. But what ever. Maybe 4 or 5 my time works for the 19th, and the weekend varies.

      1. Mine is PST I was a fairy too don’t let the negative Nancy’s get u
        Kenzie AKA Charlotte Fancyjewel

  3. For me it’s 10:03 PM now. Too lazy to look up my time zone…. :-/

    But I really do want to come, have to round up my pictures and start planning my post!

    Anyone have any updates with Fairyabc? I’m still trying really hard to get on. I would love to have everyone meet there, but I doubt that will work.

    I have an account on Animal Jam and Fantage, which I don’t use, as well as Worlize. Hope that helps.

    Thanks so much for organising this, Sarah!

  4. Alright, where to start?

    Well I’m Canadian, first off. So that’s about an hour and a half ahead of GMT.

    As for place I’m pretty compatible with most things. Animal Jam, Fantage, or Club Penguin (possibly Spark City?) should all work for me. A blog pretty much goes without saying.

    As for the chat box, I could do it. I installed a chat box on my blog in the past and I could try again. 😉


    1. Thanks for letting me know, Minerva. I shall make a note of it. 🙂
      Oh, really? That’s awesome, I shall count on you for this. ^^ Just try to install it, and if you are successful, let me know. 😀
      See you,

  5. Hmm…Okay. First of all, I live in a place where it’s GMT +8. That’s a big problem.

    As for the place, I think Fantage or Minecraft would do for me. (But we’ve got to find a server first in Minecraft, as we obviously can’t do local multiplayer)

    What to comment: I suggest we comment our Pixie Hollow experiences, to help our readers relive their PH memories too. We can also post about the past major events of PH.

    What shall we talk about: Everything PH-related, of course. How about we make it like a storytelling time, telling everyone about our PH experiences?

    Participants: Of course I’m coming. I’m inviting a few of my classmates who used to play PH to come and read our blogs too 😀

    Chat Box: I have tried finding out ways to install a chat box for the past few months, and it only shows the HTML Code. I learned that all chat boxes run on Java, and WordPress staff prohibits Java codes in their website because of ‘security reasons’. Thanks a lot, WordPress.


    1. I suppose the best option for us would be a blog. Like, we can meet on different places.
      It might be a little weird if we go to a virtual world and keep on talking about another virtual world which is now closed.
      So for me, the best option should be a blog. Minerva can probably arrange for a chat box.
      The time can be a problem, but we might adjust. ^^;
      Yes, the storytelling sounds good!
      Thanks for that. 🙂 Do ask your friends to come. :3

      Fly with you,

      1. Yeah a blog is probably the perfict thing but the day is almost here we really need to find a place 🙂 😀

        Best wishes,Carrie

  6. also i think animal jam would be good because the chatting is like public chat on pixie hollow so everyone can go to the same room and chat weather some of the others like minecraft have a chat that goes across everyone thats playing on the server so yeah thats my opinion also it would be good to meet on a blog because it wont be to hard struggling for some people to get accounts on time 🙂 😀

  7. I really think we should use Worlize – I have re-created PH on there. It is a virtual world similar to PH except you can create your own ‘world’. The only problem is its for over 13’s and over only… but still, I would be happy for you all to come visit my PH on that day, plenty of room for all! 🙂

  8. I absolutely love this idea ;3 I saw this on marigolds musings first which lead me to your blog and now I read this post about a gazillion times XD I live in britan. , and I go on Minecraft animal jam club penguin bin weevils and pretty much any of these 😉 imvu would be a terrible place to meet up , I think even though it wasn’t in your list just sayin <.< I was thinking moviestarplanet may be a good place. ? idk its all up to you I just need a date and a time and I should be there 🙂

  9. Hi Sarah! Just wanted to let you know that this is a wonderful idea, but i have actually been invited at a reunion taking place on Worlize, at “PIXIE HOLLOW” , a world created by my friend Rose Morningmist :). Anyways, if i can, i’ll drop by both reunions! 😀 Also, i have a CHAT on my blog, so feel free to use it however you want! ^_^
    ~See ya

  10. Hey Sarah!
    minerva’s chat box is being evil!
    It won’t let me chat on the proper screen1
    Arghhh it makes me sad.
    I went to Crystal air shine’s blog today instead, since she has a good chat box.

  11. Hi there Sarah. I used to have a fairy on Pixie and I really do miss the site! On your voting chart for where everyone can meet again, I chose Animal Jam because I really like the site ( not as much as Pixie Hollow though ) and soon I got membership on it, too. I started to really get addicted to Animal Jam. Every time I get on, It reminds me of Pixie Hollow. And I remember every little detail on Pixie Hollow too! Is it because Animal Jam is kinda like Pixie Hollow? I think it is in some way. On Animal Jam my name is cupcake4157 by the way.

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