What are your plans for the closure anniversary?

Hello, everyone!

I’m glad to talk to you all again~ 😀

As you all know, Pixie Hollow’s 1st closure anniversary, that is on the 19th of September,  is knocking on the door. In fact, there is a little more than a week left, as of today, the 8th of September.

One year back, in the year 2013, Pixie Hollow, an MMORPG which was also one of Disney’s most successful virtual worlds, closed down on the 19th of September- almost unexpectedly.

I had almost forgotten about this, until Jade Vanillaflash, one of the most active and helpful pixies around brought this to my attention.

Coming back to our topic, I should like to know what all the other pixies- both bloggers and readers plan to do.

Since this is going to be the first anniversary of its kind, we aren’t pretty sure what to do. It won’t be a celebration, actually, but a time to remember Pixie Hollow- the virtual world which brought us together.

I think we can post something in honor of Pixie Hollow, like Jade suggested. And of course, we must all get together.

I want all of us to be together on this little occasion. There won’t be many who’d participate, since this community of ours is small. So, it would be wonderful if we all are together, rekindling our friendships and reviving our community.

On the other note, chances of Pixie Hollow opening again seems to be slim. Its future is bleak. You know what I mean.

Nevertheless, I am not losing hope and crossing my fingers. You know, anything could happen in this world where we live!

I would love it if Pixie Hollow comes back, but I would love it more if all of us also come back.

I highlighted this topic in my last post, so I will not divulge into any details.

Please, please, do be here if you were a pixie in Pixie Hollow! Try to contact as many pixies you know as possible.

Do leave a comment below and let me know about your plans. YOUR voice means a lot. Because, after all, you, I and we make up this community. Some people who haven’t been around for a while are probably Elva, Julie, Sapphire, Scarlet, Joy, Rose, Melody (Melissa) and quite a few more. Of course, there are some who haven’t been around for a VERY long time. Lets all of us get back, shall we?

I shall keep a tab on everyone who is participating in this occasion. 🙂 Perhaps, make a list.

Have a wonderful day~

Sarah ❤



  1. Hey, Sarah! I guess I’m a little confused about this anniversary get-together…are we meeting on your blog or elsewhere? Just wanted to clarify before I spread the word…

    I have classes on the 19th, but I will try to be available on and off throughout the day. I just need to know a time, and I’ll try to make it 🙂

    1. Hello, Marigold!
      I am not quite sure if we are going to have a real ‘get together’. I think Minerva could clarify it was her idea after all.
      I suppose we should meet up somewhere where there is a chat box. That would be efficient. Minerva’s old blog had a chat box, I think.
      However, having a get together has a different meaning. I want all of us to be THERE, to post, to comment and all.
      But yes, meeting up would he good.
      Finally, I also have school on that day. -.- I will try my best to be here, on the fixed time.

  2. Hello Sarah! Thanks for the honorable mention…
    Anyway, I think I’ll comment a poem or something on everyone’s blogs.
    Okay, let’s hope that everyone remembers PH in our hearts and minds.

  3. Hey Sarah! Wonderful post 🙂 I will definitely do my best to put something together. An edit maybe. It’s my specialty 😉

    I do however, have classes (like Marigold) on the 19th but I will do my best to be as available as possible.

    On clarification, what exactly are we doing for this get-together? And where will we be meeting? And what time? Just let me know and I’ll do my best to be there 🙂


    1. It’s my pleasure to speak to you, Madame. –
      That would be good! I would love to see it~
      Same here, I have school on that day.
      I suppose it you could install a chat box on your blog for a day and we could meet up? About the time, I am not sure. We need to work that put.
      See you,

  4. Hey Sarah, I have classes on 19th like everyone else 😦
    What I think is we should meet up on a day close to 19th when we all have a holiday.

    as for the time zone thing……well we have to tell each other the countries we live in and before that we will have to make absolutely sure who is coming so we can decide

    1. Hey there, Crystal!
      I see. But you can be online just for some time, right?
      I am thinking of this get together revolving around a few days, so that everyone can join, if they are willing. Like, 19th, 20th and 21st.
      Yes, I agree. I will post about it soon. Lets see who is coming, and who can arrange for a chat box for a few days.

      1. Sarah, yes I can be online for sometime during evening after classes.
        Yes, your idea seems good 🙂

        But it’s gonna be a difficult task. I hope everyone comes. I want to rekindle our friendships once again.
        Tell me if I can help. I’m here if you need me. Totally 😀

    1. Welcome back, Melissa. 😀

      See, this year on PH’s closure anniversary, we are planning some get togethers’. They would span around a few days. Also, the bloggers would post something in honor of Hollow.
      We want EVERYONE to come, because they are all so inactive.
      Hope to see you there!

      1. Hi everyone! (as most of the comments are started with Hi, Hello, Hey, i thought why not i also start with hello 😀 ) Really great idea Jade! I had almost forgotten about the official closer of pixie hollow as i am sooooooooo busy in my studies. I really do miss Julie and her great fairy land 😦 Hope will meet dear Julie fast.

  5. Just imagine fairies if Disney decides to reopen pixie hollow on 19th Sept. There would be so fun. Because, as Sarah said anything can happen where we live. I will be so happy to meet Julie, wonder through the most wonderful place in the world~ heaven dish square, with addition to the melodies bag round music, wonderful atmosphere that lies in the surrounding, silly as well a interesting chats of silly buddies, etc. Oh………I am about to cry 😦 and also eager to experience above things.

    1. Oh..that would be awesome. But Disney Interactive is a company full of money grubbing idiots with only about .0000000001% genuinely nice people. 😦

    2. Welcome back, Julie! 😀

      I hope you are a part of our celebrations~

      Yes, I also hope that Pixie Hollow comes back…it has been a long time.

      Havendish Square was one of my favourite meadows. 🙂 There were always pixies hanging around there.

      Take care!


    3. Julie!!!! I’m so happy to see you, girl.
      Long time no see, right?

      How are your studies going?
      And your coming for the reunion right?

    4. It would be amazing if they opened pixie hollow on the anniversary and there is a small chance they might but on sound cloud I found a small playlist of music they played like the havendish square sound track and things like that 🙂

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