Facts: Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs

Hello everyone!

I am back, finally. ^.^ I shan’t be posting now since I am having my exams. O.O Wish me luck.

I am sorry for being so lazy. ^.^; Everyone has started posting now, and I don’t want to lag behind.

Here are some cool facts about one of our favorite Disney movies ever- the one and only Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs.


1. Walt Disney came up with the idea to do a retelling of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs when he was 15.
The 15-year-old Walt was inspired to do it after seeing a silent film version of Snow White in his hometown of Kansas City.

2. It took almost two years to come up with the final renderings of the Seven Dwarfs.


3. A short film sequel, titled Snow White Returns was planned. It never left the preproduction stage and no reason is known why Walt decided against making it.


4. To share his vision of the film with the animators, Walt Disney acted out all of the roles as he told them the story.


Tell us someone filmed this, guys. Please.

5. 19-year-old Adriana Caselotti voiced Snow White. Walt wanted to keep Snow White’s voice special, so he held Adriana to a very strict contract and she was never allowed to perform on stage or film again.


6.  During production, Walt Disney kept a menagerie of animals on the studio lot as live reference for the animators.


Animals on the sets? No points for betting the best lunch break activity ever!

7. There’s a picture of Snow White’s mom! In a book! And (no surprise here), she’s regal and fabulous.


Thanks to Disney Insider for bringing this to our notice..

8.There was a song written for the movie that never made it into the final version. It was called “Music in Your Soup.”


We need to hear it!

9.The women of the Ink and Paint department applied real make-up to cels of Snow White, to give her a more rosy, life-like complexion.


Someone get us the name of the make-up, Snow White looks so pretty!

10. Snow White is one of very few Disney characters who have been honored on the Hollywood Walk of Fame; others include Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Winnie the Pooh.


We feel like this really speaks to her greatness. And how much other people besides us love her.


Which fact did you find the most interesting? Tell me in a comment, below. 😀




  1. I love that the art department added REAL make-up to Snow White. I have always wondered why the other Disney Princesses lacked such a life-like rosy glow, and now I know! 🙂
    Thanks for sharing, Sarah! Do you have any Snow White art to share? 😉

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