The Pixel Painter is gone…

I guess Disney couldn’t get enough of closing down sites of their web division which children loved. Disney Create, the hugely popular art sharing kids’ site closed on 1st May, 2014.

Soon, some of us discovered the Pixel Painter, a painter on Disney’s Pixel’d site which was similar to the old DC Painters. However, the worst came, and now Disney has taken down the Pixel Painter as well, erasing every trace of Create.

I simply don’t understand why they did it. I mean, they didn’t have to approve art or anything on that painter, so why? Perhaps, we will never know.

The Pixel Painter

The Pixel Painter

I had posted about the Painter a few weeks back, as soon as I got to know about it from my friends. And now, the painter, is no more. This was the link for the painter when it existed:

Now, if you go to the link, it leads you to some Online Disney Games home page.


Again, I would have to search for some new painter, which would be easy to use. :/ This is really heart-breaking.

What’s more, some of my friends on the Disney Create Wiki have started a  ‘movement’ of boycotting Disney. At first, it was to boycott the whole of Disney. Later, we came to a conclusion that we would rather boycott the web division or the online division and the apps, which were the main reason behind Disney Create, Pixie Hollow, ToonTown and POTC Online’s closure. It’s a fact, we like the park stuff and movies way to much, as to boycott them. Some of us are planning to send emails to Disney, and force them to bring back our beloved sites. We can keep our fingers crossed.

As for the other news, here is something I drew on the painter recently, which would also be my last drawing there 😥



The drawing is also on deviantART:


What are your thoughts? Let me know in a comment, below.



    1. Crystal, I saw the email already, but for some reason, my reply can’t be sent because my internet is quite slow. Don’t worry, I already saw your email, about the ‘online world’…

  1. WHAT?!?!?!?! I am getting SO fed up with all these random shutdowns! I agree – there really was no reason to shut down the Pixel Painter since no one had to moderate it or really maintain it. I wish there was something we could do that would REALLY get Disney’s attention…I think we need to contact whoever made the decision last year to put James Pitaro in charge of Disney Interactive. I believe he’s the one making all these horrible decisions. Here’s what the Disney Company website says about him: “Mr. Pitaro leads Disney Interactive’s multi-platform games business and oversees the division’s suite of premium web and app experiences.”

    I’m going to contact the Disney Company today and ask who I need to specifically email to complain, and then share my findings…

      1. Sarah, I have sent emails to a couple new Disney email addresses I found and sent a letter direct to Disney Interactive Headquarters. I will let you know when or if I get a reply. I’m also working on a post for my blog that you will find interesting 😉

  2. omg ! I was so sad to see this . MAD! ok well im gonna deleate my Disney apps . even my favs like my muppets show & maleficent free fall . tonight I will deleate them . not mms or maleficent . those ill wait . my bff will be upset because she LOVED THEM . now I will stop buying Disney things. ill buy Hasbro & matel .I like Barbie & my little pony . but it is a little wacky . ohhh this will break my heart . ohhh …… Disney P.s sarah nice pic & p.s. again I found a site like ph . its called spark city

  3. I don’t need to say anything, do I? Can’t Disney just at least keep one painter? JUST ONE? But, oh no, Disney had to shut it down and made Disney Karaoke: Frozen and Disney Infinity instead, which is a total waste of programming and money, because I don’t really know if anyone’s going to get those things. -__-

  4. I have deleted all of my Disney apps and everything Disney now, but Disney Infinity cz it’s actually pretty fun. I don’t know if Disney shutting down games and stuff will make them money, but I think Disney is trying to find the games kids love that didn’t make them much money and close them down. Which would make them lose many supporters. Am I right ? I’m just very 😡 at Disney. To the point I’m gonna start boycotting them . I think of Disney as a lemon. They’re all nice and stuff on the outside, but on the inside they’re sour. And my step-mom is so 😡 at Disney right now Bcz last week they charge here $765 and we weren’t even at Disney . So when my step-mom asked for her $ back and they said no she got so 😡 that she started yelling and said she would report this to the media.

  5. ok done . I deleated my cp account for good & deleated my Disney apps . well im gonna start posting posters about this . p.s. I will have a party on spark city on Saturday at 7:00pm my time . please be there 🙂 please come to my blog too

  6. See my email to Disney and their reply:

    My email:
    Respected Disney Staff,

    First of all, I would like to thank you for all the wonderful experiences you have given me. I have always enjoyed all your T.V. shows, games and apps. One of your most beautiful creations was- Pixie Hollow, the online game. It was really a marvelous experience to create a fairy avatar of myself, and wander away into a wonderland. I assure you, it was one of the best online games. Unfortunately, Pixie Hollow closed on September 19th, 2013. It was a really sad happening then.
    I would like to place an idea over here. If you please re-opened Pixie Hollow, you could advertise it, as well, just like Club Penguin. One of the reasons behind Club Penguin’s huge success is, I believe, advertisement. If you do so with Pixie Hollow too, it would no doubt rank up to the best online game ever. It would also be promotional for Disney Fairies.
    If you do think over my suggestion, I would be very, very grateful.
    Do reply as fast as you can.

    A sincere fan,
    Their reply:

    Thank you for contacting us.

    We appreciate your comment and will pass it along to the appropriate department for review.


    Disney Online

    I have sent them one more email today asking whether or not they will work on the suggestion.

  7. guys im leaving this week forever . the only one who goes to my blog now . ill be on spark city. but I have some news . type virtual worlds for girls on google. there should be a link for making a world . we should try rebuilding ph . then mail Disney & ask if its ok to replace it . tell em its free & no memberships . they don’t want it so why cant we ? 🙂

    1. But Melissa, we need money to create a virtual world. You can create a free one, but it wouldn’t be enjoyable. I think there should be memberships, though not so expensive, as it’s fun to have memberships.
      And, why are you leaving? 😦

  8. because no one but you & elva like me . no one comes to my blog . only you & el care . well sarah it said free . we should at least try . p.s. I started a pettion so Disney could reopen dc , ph ,tt , & pcb

  9. Hey guys i am JUST missing you. Love you all. 🙂 . And yes Melissa i know how you are feeling, even i have gone through this situation. And this situation and my goal both led me to shut this blog but you dont do this sillyness bcz staying away from dearly freinds is too hard just DIFFICULT! I will try to come to your blog. As I know the dreadful PAIN!!!!!

    1. Julie , I really don’t feel like blogging anymore . I was really hurt when no one read my post after I spent FOREVER spell checking it ! 😦 I will make 1 more awesome post before I decide .

  10. Hey Sarah why did u delete the coment? Rose should get how rude she was. This is wrong. 😦 . Or atleast u should keep Elva’s comment.

    1. Julie, I didn’t want a fight to erupt here, on my blog. I feel that Rose made a mistake, and she probably was feeling surprised to see you Jere, when you said you would be going, she probably couldn’t figure out what you meant. Please make up, you two. 🙂

    1. How can i remove you Rose? Do you know you are asking me to do the thing that i wont do not at all. And as for forgiveness yes you should be surprised but the comment was hurtful. I was very dipressed and so was my comment dont pay attention over that i am mad when i am angry so………. and yes i forgived you. 🙂 . So freinds again? 😀

      1. KK, I admit the comment was very very very rude of me, but I was just very surprised and I didn’t know what to put. But my parents want me to be removed from anybody’s blog that I’m part of so……….

  11. Srry Julie can u forgive me for what I said ? Can u also remove me from your blog too? It’s for a certain reason that doesn’t have to do anything involving this.

  12. Huh ?! I was part of your blog ? I sort of shocked cz I was never able to have access to it and when I check on the ” my blogs” thing on WordPress it only had my blog and Julie’s blog.

  13. At least 13 years old. My “evil” twin sis tried to join Divantart when she was 12 but it said she was 2 young so she tried when she was 13 and then she got approved.

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