More about the Pixel Painter…

A few days ago, I posted about the Pixel Painter , a painter which has similar features to the painters on Disney Create, a Disney-owned site which closed on 1st May this year. Click here to read the FAQ for Disney Create.



During the past few days, I explored the Pixel Painter to know what it is capable of. First of all, since all the pens on the painter are ‘pixel pens’, you need to press the ‘1 ‘ key on your keyboard to access the normal pen.

Guess what I just found out! You can access several types of pens on the painter, just by pressing some keys on the keyboard. 😀 Here are the instructions, which you can also find on the Disney Create Wiki.


Letter commands

  1. Press V for a vine pen
  2. Shift Key + F, X, or P is a sparkly fairy pen
  3. Shift Key + C is a neon pen
  4. Shift Key + B is a thin pen that gets thicker at the end with a white dot
  5. Shift Key + M creates really odd large shapes
  6. Shift Key + R is a ribbion pen
  7. Control + H is a pen that creates multiple dots that fade at the end

Number Commands

Note that these cheats do not work when using the right keypad

  1. 1-2-9 gives you pens already available
  2. 3 gives you an electric water pen
  3. 4 gives you a pen that adds shine to the lines
  4. 5 is spray can but pen form
  5. 6 adds another color to the pen & shine
  6. 8 is a yellow ‘transparent-ish’ pen
  7. 0 is a rainbow pen
  8. Shift Key + 1 is a pixel pen that glows after you let go of the line
  9. Shift Key + 2 is a shiny pen that adds sparkles after you let go
  10. Shift + 3 is already available
  11. Shift Key + 4 is a very bright neon pen
  12. Shift Key + 5 (or 6,7) is a pixel pen
  13. Shift Key + 8 (or 9,0) is a thicker pixel pen


The instructions might look a bit tricky here, but they are really easy when you actually try them out. You would soon get used to these tricks, if you draw often. 🙂 At least that’s what happened with me. -.-

Oh, I almost for got that I had promised to post the drawings on the Pixel Painter! (^.^;) I haven’t drawn a lot…life is so fast these days. O.O You will know what I am going through if you were required study 5 hours a day. o_O Okay, we will talk about all this later. I just don’t want to discuss it, all right?

Getting back to our subject, here are some drawings I made:

Ariel designer doll sketch

Ariel designer doll sketch

This is my very first drawing on the painter. I used the normal pen by pressing the 1 key for this. I recently go an Ariel Designer Doll. It’s so pretty…the dress is simply gorgeous. I am in a daze over the doll. Okay, I am in a daze over a doll, my own doll…please don’t make fun of me, okay? O.O

Disney Princess Designer Ariel Doll

Disney Princess Designer Ariel Doll



So, this one is also on deviantART. (Please, please see the drawing on dA by clicking here!)It is Louis, my favorite character from an anime. The squirrel is called Juli. 😀 This took me more than an hour to make. I added the finishing touches on MS Paint.


Louis in the anime

Louis in the anime

Here is the third and the last one:

A super quick original sketch

A super quick original sketch

Now, this one was made in exactly 5 minutes 12.5 seconds. I know it is messy. -.- I was bored so I drew this. The dress is inspired by ‘Pretty Plaids’, my favorite summer outfit in Pixie Hollow.

The Pretty Plaids outfit in Summit Style

The Pretty Plaids outfit in Summit Style

I hope you got a clear view of what type of drawings can be made on the painter. It is basically the same as the retired DC painters, once you know how to access different pens. However, the resizing process is not good in the painter.

One of the ways to ‘log in’ in the painter is to press the ‘OPEN’ button, which takes you to the log-in box.

Something else which bugs me is logging in the painter. It does allow me to log in with my Disney account and complete my unfinished drawings, but log-in doesn’t work very often. :/ You need to refresh several times, and sometimes, even that doesn’t work. Thus, I am forced to finish one painting at a go. Duh…-.- Something is better than nothing, though.

Have you tried out the Pixel Painter? Which of my drawings do you like the best? Tell me in a comment, below. 😀





  1. I love your sketch inspired by the Pretty Plaids Outfit. It’s messy but cute. ❤

    P. S. Sarah, I can make you a Pretty Plaids Outfit in DFFB. Do you want me to? And I already sent in the rest of the outfits, please check your email. 🙂

    see the email Disney sent me:

    Dear Guest,

    Thank you for your email. We are happy to hear that our older games like Pixie Hollow still mean so much to fans after all this time.

    We have passed your comments on to our programming department.

    We hope you enjoy watching Disney Channel.

    Yours faithfully,

    Disney Channels Guest Services
    United Kingdom & Ireland

Let me know what you think, it means so much to me! ღ

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