Still left: One DC painter!

Of course we all were miserable when Disney Create closed, but the worst thing was that no painter was left, so, we couldn’t draw anymore. DC painters were easy to use, especially for beginners.

Well, so now that’s the surprise! I just discovered that one painter is STILL left from Create! It’s the Pixel Painter. It’s not based on Create, but on Disney’s Pixel’d.

Now, guess how I got to know about this? A popular DC former DC artist, Under_Par, left a comment on Disney Create Wiki. It read as follows:

“GUYS YOU CAN STILL DRAW ON THE DC PAINTER GO HERE AND PRESS THE NUMBER 1 PEN AND YOU HAVE ACCESS TO IT NORMALLY AGAIN! THANKS TO RAVEN WE CAN NOW DRAW ON OUR PAINTER AGAIN! 😀 The resizing doesn’t work and you can’t perfectly move things around but still it is better than nothing! :D:D:D “


Even though the painter doesn’t have the ‘normal’ pen which other painters, you can get the normal smooth pen by pressing the number 1.


Fortunately, I can now continue making digital art. I would post a new piece soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

Oh and yes, here’s the link to the painter:

I am so happy! 😀 I have smiled for the first time in days…

Anyways, I am glad that we can continue sketching!

Any thoughts? Let us know in a comment, below.



  1. Reblogged this on JulieMistyFreeze and commented:
    I was a fan of DC too.When I was bored this is one of the things I would love to do.And I was almost as sad about this as I was about PH.But now WE CAN STILL PAINT!!

  2. I just received Disney’s reply!
    Here’s it:
    Thank you for contacting Disney Guest Services! We have successfully received your query and will respond to you as soon as possible, so that we can add a little Magic to your day.

    By being our Guest, we have created you a unique reference number of: ************ (my number)

    Please make a note of this number and if you have any further updates, please either reply to this email or include your unique reference number in the subject of any future emails. Completing either of these will help to ensure our response does not experience a delay.

    Magically yours,

    Disney Guest Services Team
    It didn’t say anything about what I’d asked, but they’re going to respond, aren’t they?

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