Disney Create is now closed

It’s official…

Disney Create homepage , moments before it closed

Disney Create homepage , moments before it closed

The Walt Disney Company is committed to offering high-quality, entertaining digital play experiences that foster creativity and encourage kids to express their imagination and individuality. At this time, we are shifting our development focus towards mobile-friendly play offerings such as our growing selection of Disney mobile apps, including the award-winning Disney Animated, Frozen: Storybook Deluxe, Disney Storytime, Vinylmation: Create Your Own and more.”

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I am feeling miserable right now. Frozen - Elsa Crying Icon
I can’t believe that Disney, which claims that it is the happiest place on the Earth, can close down one site after another, all of them loved by little kids, just for the sake of mobile apps, from where they can earn more money? I’m afraid, it’s true. Every good thing has to come to an end, and so did Disney Create. The same goes with Pixie Hollow, Toontown and POTC Online. Frozen - Little Anna Icon

To know more , read this New York Times report. It clears out everything, which the FAQ doesn’t.

I am afraid, but my digital art career has literally ended. I can’t find any other drawing program, suitable for nonprofessional artists, which is free and easy to use. I tried my hand at Paint Tool SAI, GIMP and Photoshop cs5, but in vain. Llanto-desesperado

I had transferred to Create after Pixie Hollow closed, to get out of my depression. Little did I know that DC would get the same fate as Hollow. I had many hopes, but shouldn’t have forgotten that this was Disney, which had previously closed awesome virtual worlds. :Sad Monkeys:

For Bo Bo Joe

My last drawing on Disney Create, made for a friend

I wish I had joined Create earlier. I would have had more memories to preserve.

Thankfully, I saved up all of my art work, and and also my favorites. I didn’t as well forget to take tons of snapshots of Disney Create, my profile etc. At least, I can say that I was a member of Disney Create. I wish it let me stay for a longer time, because I was becoming popular very fast. I retired with 457 fans, which I got in 3 months flat, and 35,700 + stars overall.

Here are some messages, which fellow Creators wrote on ‘In Loving Memory of Disney Create‘, a page on Disney Create Wiki. —

Iwantpeace: “You where my safe place DC. The comfort of the warm glow shinning into my eyes. Its like flopping on your bed on a Friday night eating cookies and playing your fav jams. That’s how DC was for me. It hurts like a bullet going into my chest that we have to let are dreams go, watch the memories vanish, but they will always live in our heart. So please young artist, dont stop drawing because DC closes down, and never, ever stop creating. ❤

Mist566: Disney Create was an amazing experience for me. I learned so much about art and met many great people, which would change my life. Now that’s gone, but the memories, the joy, will always remain in my heart, with days of nostalgia and remembrance. But still, we are Disney’s Creators, and we will keep creating. In the end, happy times do live forever.

Under_Par: “I first found out about Disney Create when I saw a commercial about it when it had just started up, so that means it has been part of my life for a while now. Although most of my first attempts of accounts on there failed, I had still looked forward every day to get home and draw on Disney Create. Through the years my art skills have grown leaps and bounds, and I never would have discovered the one thing I know I am good at, the only thing others recognize me from. Whenever I tried to leave that website I would always bounce back the next day. Now I can’t go back. If it weren’t for Disney’s terminated website I would never have had found the Wiki and I would have never found myself. Art is how I can express my feelings without getting too angry; and who knows what have happened if I expressed my anger or sadness in other, physical ways. Disney Create is what linked different kids (mostly girls lol) to have some sort of contact that they wouldn’t of had otherwise. I would have never met my best friends, who helped me grow and become a better person, and gave me all sorts of advice. But now I stay here and look at the empty website called Disney Create and now know that memories is the only part of it that I can grasp.

123LoveLost: “Disney Create was an unforgettable experience for me. Being able to express myself in pictures and being able to share it with a community and get feedback… I never thought I’d find a website like such, but thanks to Disney.com, I did. DC’s made me a better artist, and I’ve made so many amazing friends there. It breaks my heart to think that Disney Create is shutting down, since I’ve grown up with it. I remember when one of my pictures got 100 views for the first time, I literally flipped. Disney Create’s given me many experiences that I will never forget ❤ I thank DC for most of my art skills. If it weren’t for that website, I wouldn’t be as great at art as I am this day.  All the amazing friends I’ve made there, I thank you all for your support. I’ll miss Disney Create like crazy. Thank you, for this long; but unforgettable; journey. ♡”

And finally, mine:

WaltDisneysMulan:“I always knew I could draw, but I never took it seriously until I saw DC. I made an astonishing improvement, with Disney Create. It inspired me to draw, dream and create. I owe a lot to Disney Create. What’s more, I have met amzing people with the similar interests as mine over a period of four months- 1st January, 2014 to 1st May, 2014. DC was unique and exeptional. I will never forget it. Create, your memory will ALWAYS linger in my heart. Whenever create a remarkable piece, I think of you, DC. Create is going to live where Pixie Hollow, Toontown and POTC Online are.

R.I.P. Disney Create.

There are tons of other messages, which would make you cry on the page, and you would know why we loved DC so much.

On the other note, I made my brain work  and came to a conclusion. Disney is closing up all this for mobile apps. Then, why did they close the Disney Fairies Fashion Boutique mobile app? I guess they were not earning much $ $ through it. I don’t see why there should be another reason. STITCH TRISTE

As for now, all I can say is-

Good bye, DC.

Good bye, DC.

R.I.P, Disney Create. We all love you. Finally, you went where Pixie Hollow, Toontown and POTC Online are. Your memory will forever linger in our hearts, FOREVER. Grey Kit-Bye -friendly

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How do you feel about Disney Create closing? Have you got any memories to share? Let me know in a comment, below.







  1. Oh yeah. My account WS like ghost rider or something like that. It was my brothers until he stopped using it and I started using it since I forgot my login. 😉

  2. i think this is horrible I cant remember a lot of when I did go on here but I know me and my sister loved it and now its gone I don’t think I will ever look at Disney the same at all. Thanks Disney thanks a lot for closing this wonderful thing to make stupid apps

    i apologize for my language i am just very upset that they had the nerve to do this

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