After 7 months : Pixie Hollow still alive

I still remember the day I started playing Pixie Hollow…I was totally addicted to it. There was always something new there which I looked forward to. Only a few months had passed since I started, when Pixie Hollow announced its closure.

I.WAS.SHATTERED. Neko Emoji-14 (Cry) [V1]

I tried to make the most out of Pixie Hollow, by spending most of my time there. But, every good thing has an end, and so did Hollow.


I still remember 19th September, when I had quickly rushed to the computer after school, just to catch the last glimpse of Pixie Hollow. I was in Havendish Square then, wearing my arrival dress, as I wanted to ‘leave as I came’. We were all grieving and some were taking snapshots, some were crying, some were saying they knew this would happen long ago, some even said, “You’d forget it, after all”. No. We won’t and never will. One fairy, Rose actually recorded the whole moment.

Okay, so after Pixie Hollow closed, we all went into depression. Many fairies went over to Club Penguin,some to Animal Jam, some to Fantage. But we all know that Pixie Hollow was one of its kind. Unique.

So, the fairy bloggers started posting memories, some went into depression, some just quit, while the others started new, fresh blogs. I was among the ones who posted memories (it seemed as the best option then). When I was finished with the memories (I wish I had many, many more!), and when it was nearly two months after Pixie Hollow’s closure, I started posting Disney news. You can say that I started the trend. 😉 I knew I had to find something for my readers,and that was clearly the best option. Many people didn’t like it though, in the very beginning, but it soon became a trend. I have been posting Disney stories since.

All other Pixie bloggers have started doing the same…but what about Pixie Hollow? Will it ever return? Why exactly did it close? Why didn’t Club Penguin close? And, Disney Create? Is the closure of DC related to that of PH? These are a few of the questions, that need to be answered, seriously. Emailing Disney will not help, for mostly you will get a chemical reply. Nevertheless, you can try calling them up. That would help. Tangled - Rapunzel Icon

You know, we are always hoping, in fact, we “know” that Pixie Hollow will open again someday. But,, will it really will?

The petition did not help. Guess why? Because, we need at least 100,000 signatures before the Government takes any action. Unfortunately, we didn’t. It has been 7 months, and there are a little more than 5000 signatures. Why? Weren’t there enough people to come and fight for Hollow? We will never know. Crazy - twitchy twitch

Disney has recently started focusing more on Mobile Apps, and they have said that those apps are the reason for them closing different sites and games, some of which are played on Facebook. They lost a lot of money in Disney Interactive. I wonder why.

It’s quite true that other virtual worlds are not as cool as Pixie Hollow. See, because we had fairies in Pixie Hollow, we could fly. Fly= more area to explore. There was always something new, and it was user friendly. Members did get many privileges, but non-members could also buy stuff with Pixie Diamonds. In other virtual worlds, you can’t buy good clothes, furniture etc. without a premium membership. Interaction with friends was easy, you also had responsibilities aka caring for animal friends, watering plants etc.

But the biggest factor of all. Disney. Pixie Hollow was owned by Disney, one of the largest companies in the world today. It was under the hugely popular franchise, Disney Fairies. Thus, Disney spent money on the virtual world. That’s what made Pixie Hollow stand out from others.

The only other Disney virtual world open right now is Club Penguin. I think it’s boring. Enough said.



I recently tried getting in touch with some of my lost fairy friends. I had some of their email addresses, as they had left comments on my blog. I emailed them. No reply. Maybe, all of them have lost hope in Pixie Hollow.

Some people have tried to re-create Pixie Hollow. To learn more about them in details, view this post on Crystal Airshine’s blog. She has described each of them in detail.

Right now, we really can’t say anything about the rebirth of Pixie Hollow. We have some hints, but there are also some facts which say that Pixie Hollow won’t open again. By the way, did you know that ToonTown has opened again? It is not owned by Disney, though. It’s fan-made. But still, it’s really good.

Now, let’s face it. I recently came across a petition on which was made only for ToonTwon, which had got 20,000 + signatures. I came across one made for Pixie Hollow. It had about 5000 signatures. ToonTown was less popular than Pixie Hollow, so why? We will never know. Maybe, TT had more sincere players? Perhaps.

Oh, and I just came across this link while watching a YouTube video. Prince Hans


It takes you to a site which looks exactly like Pixie Hollow. You can watch videos,play games and do some more cool stuff. What’s more, it’s officially owned by Disney. However, the ‘play’ button there doesn’t work. Maybe it will, someday. Neko Emoji-17 (Happy) [V1]

Right now, let’s keep our fingers, er, wings crossed. Let’s think good. Let’s think Disney. So many new things coming up. Sorry

Let’s thank God. We have got so many Pixie blogs, we know each other. We can share our feelings with our pixie pals even after Hollow’s closure, isn’t that great?

What do you think? Tell me in a comment, below!

Your friend,

Sarah Diamondswirls For the First Time ...






  1. I really miss PIXIE HOLLOW. It was one of my favourite game and still is . I hope one day that they”ll recreate PIXIE HOLLOW back.Hence we must not loose our HOPES.
    PLEASE COME BACK PIXIE HOLLOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Maaaaan…..HOW couud you do this disney?!?!Hey,can you tell me if that petiton thingy is in Amrecia or somethin cuz…..I’M GONNNA MAKE MY WHOLE FAMILY SIGN THAT PETITION THINGY!!!!

    1. Pixie Hollow was an amazing game.. Me and My friend loved to play it.. Ever since it closed down, I played other games but none is as good as PH

  2. When it originally closed, I was thinking, hopefully the fairies will abandon all disney websites to make the disney online area go bankrupt and set pixie hollow back up. But unfortunately, no. I really want it to come back again.

  3. Aww, I never played Pixie Hollow much, but I tried to go on today because I’d been watching Tinker Bell movies (so good 😉 xD) and found that I could only create a fairy :((. Do you know where the site is to post your signature? I could try and get people from other sites to sign it.

  4. I was gone on a school trip the day it closed I was devastated!! I miss some of my friends so much ily Phoebe and Pearl its Savvy<3! I came home and it was gone ugh I started crying! Luckily i stayed in touch with my closest friends through moshi monsters, Animal Jam, and Google but it''s just not the same I MISS THE HOLLOW!!!! :""(

  5. I play AJ to its very good but just not as good as PH. I had to go to a doc appointment to get my flu vaccine and I arrived home at 12 I was just one minute late. 😦

  6. It’s so unfair. We were so close to reaching the petition goal. Supposedly, the reason why it ended was so they could make apps wich is he dumbest excuse ever.

    1. They did say ” at the time we are shifting our development focuses to mobile apps ” which is dumb but they said at the time we are shifting and not it is permanent. Maybe they will “shift” again who knows? Just saying lol I like to try and keep things positive.

      Fly with you, Carrie Tuliptwist

    2. Pixie Hollow to me was so much more than just a virtual game. It was also a fun way to explore and I became so much closer with Pixie Hollow and the Fairies with it. Pixie Hollow made me feel like I was welcome and I had a fairy that I made who I remember very well. Her name was Misty FireHeart and she was a Water Talent Fairy. She had a high ponytail and her hair was strawberry red. She had blue crystal eyes and always wore a smile on her face. When I saw that “Congratulations! You are now a member of Pixie Hollow!” sign, I knew something was up. You had to buy a monthly fee in order to become a member or Pixie Hollow. I wasn’t a member at the time. When I heard of the news, my heart was immediately shattered. To me, (And I speak for all of the fairies) meeting new fairies wasn’t just meeting random strangers. We became almost like family. We invited each other to parties, invited each other to play games. We even sent each other gifts to show our love for one another! We appreciated every single fairy born from every laugh. Disney destroyed a family that was growing with happiness. We were born with laughter and clothed in cheer. Happiness has brought us here. Happiness has brought us to our home, and we welcomed every fairy. And Disney just couldn’t open their eyes enough to see that we enjoyed Pixie Hollow. We love Pixie Hollow. We are on Youtube and we are all trying to spread the news of our beloved home closing down. Pixie Hollow had a voice. WE ARE THAT VOICE. Pixie Hollow wasn’t just a virtual game. Pixie Hollow was our home.

      1. Yeah! We need for all our voices to be heard, loud and clear. And imagine all the NEW Disney Fairy fans who just discovered this amazing game closed before they had a chance to play it!

      2. That is so true. I feel ur pain… We all will miss pixie hollow so much. I wish we could just somehow persuade Disney to make pixie hollow come back.

  7. I am very upset! Today i was going to make a come back for pixie hollow since i wanted to get into it again and my friend wanted to go and play it too. I had a hard time I couldn’t find the website but then i found this and another article. I’m very upset my friend is upset as well. We have been playing pixie hollow since we were young. And what makes it worst is that I saw it closed down on my b-day a couple years ago :(. I hope one day we will get Pixie Hollow back. They should of closed down Club Penguin instead. Club Penguin sucks in my opinion. Well I think one day we will get Pixie Hollow back either by Disney or someone else.

    1. Club Penguin is pretty fun, actually. It’s just really unfair, when Disney acts like this I feel like they’re just making money off our fun.

  8. I really hope PH comes back someday too . Ever since PH closed down I’ve had this very weird and uncomfortable feeling in my heart. 😦

  9. holy crab that video just makes me wanna cry so much!!!! i played pixie hollow fairies also i was a member and i loved the game! so much i just wish it would come back my heart goes out to everyone who played the game and shared memories with me 🙂

  10. Sarah, I love everything you wrote and agree with it all. My fairy was Ginger Firedrop and I start playing pixie hollow in the summer of 2011. I remember not playing for a while before it closed and then I tried to go on and couldn’t. I still miss playing it, and I really wish we could start it up again.

  11. The link….. the only thing that made me feel better about this, shattered…. It now leads to another Disney Fairies webpage from another country.

  12. I love Pixie Hollow and Club Penguin. They’re similar games, but they each have their own unique little bits. That’s why I wanna play both of them. And Disney Fairies is getting REALLY popular now. I think Disney could make the money they want from Pixie Hollow now.

  13. I miss pixie hollow SO much I remember when I logged on and it said it was no longer there I was so upset… I emailed them and they didn’t really answer my question. But pixie hollow will always be in my thoughts😀👍

  14. I really want to find out where to sign the petition, I loved the game since I was like 8 or something, and almost every day I scroll past the link to pixie hollow in my Favourites thingy and I just want to crawl into a hole and cry! DISNEY! GIVE US BACK THE BEST EVER WEBSITE! I loved it!

  15. Hey, Sarah Firefly here. I’ve never forgotten Pixie Hollow ever since it closed. Ever since then, looking at opinions on PH are pretty precious to me. Ofc, I go on with life, yeah, but I still reminisce about my times in PH. So yeah, this was me as one point or another in the game: . Man, they even took down DC :\

    1. Hey there, Firefly! 😀

      Thanks for leaving a comment. ❤

      It's the same with me. You always have to keep moving forward- life can never stop. But yes, you have to take memories, especially the good ones, with you. And PH was a good memory, wasn't it (except for its closure, which was a bitter memory)?

      Yes, that was pretty painful. I don't really miss DC anymore, but I miss all the friends I made there. 😦

      And your fairy looks lovely! 😀 You have an awesome fashion sense.


  16. that was beautiful. PH was more than a game to me. it was part of my life and home and time. i realize that i need it. i need my home back. i need my animal friend back. i need my friends back. PH was sooooooooo cool. i can’t stand and miss it but there is nothing i can do except wait for the day i long for, the day it opens, to come.

    P.S. let me knw if there is somethin i can do to save it. i’ll do my best even if i don’t succeed. i’ll my hardest. plz let me knw, fairy friends.

  17. Okay… I know I may be the only one that still wants pixie hollow up because I replied late and some people might not go on here or comment but if you guys still want pixie hollow back I have an idea. I am not 100% sure it will work but hopefully it will. If some of you guys still want pixie hollow back please comment on my comment because maybe we can start another petition.

  18. Honestly.. Animal Jam sucks now. It used to be so fun but selfish little brats came and ruined the game. It’s all about rares nowadays. But when Pixie Hollow was around; there wasn’t any rares and hardly any bullies. Animal Jam has betas, rares, and LOADS of bullies. National Geographic let that game go once they made Headdresses, Spiked collars and glitched items. Disney let so much go, they could have made so much money on that game but they threw it all away. So much disappointment, Disney.

  19. I miss pixie hollow, I use to play it all the time! I still have hope that it will reopen! I’ve tryed searching may sites to find an open & working pixie hollow no luck so far. I wish pixie hollow was still up & running!!!

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