The Pirate Fairy Interview with Raven-Symoné

The Pirate Fairy hit stores on DVD and Blu-ray April 1st. Check out this by Kidzworld interview with Raven Symone, Iridessa’s voice in the film.

Raven-Symoné has been Iridessa's voice since she was 18
Raven-Symoné has been Iridessa’s voice since she was 18

KW: Can  you tell me a little bit about how you first got involved with The Pirate Fairy?

  • Raven: I’ve been working with the Tinker Bell Franchise since I was 18, since the very beginning, and I love the project so much.

KW: I noticed in this movie that there are a lot of strong girl characters, is that something that is important to you?

  • Raven: I think strong characters no matter what gender are important, and being that it’s Tinker Bell and they’re girls, forces it to be characters that are strong and show you that its okay to be who you are, especially when you’re a girl, that is very admirable of them, and it is important.

KW: What would you say you liked most about the story?

  • Raven:  I think the sense of adventure,friendship, and of caring.

KW: How would you describe your character, do you feel that you relate to her strongly?

  • Raven: I think we have things in common, I am very close to my friends, I’m also a nerd in terms of wanting things to be right, I never try to get in trouble, if any of my friends come in trouble I’ll be waiting by the phone to come get you, but I don’t want to be there!


Iridessa is a fairy of light
Iridessa is a fairy of light

KW: What is the most fun part of doing Iridessa’s voice?

  • Raven: The most fun part about voicing Iridessa would be getting to see her fairy capability and then seeing my voice on top of it is pretty much the cherry on top for me!

KW: Obviously there is a whole generation of people who know you from movies and TV when you were growing up, do you find any kids now recognize you by your voice?

  • Raven: Um, no, that doesn’t happen too much, I think that the voice of Iridessa is a lot like…Iridessa, not me so much! I like it.

KW: It’s hard not to notice that the fairies in the series all have awesome outfits, what did you think of Iridessa’s outfits?

  • Raven: I think Iridessa’s is awesome, I loved her sunflower, I tried to be her for Halloween but I didn’t have the same body shape – I tried my hardest!


Iridessa is part of Tinker Bell's Pixie Hollow gang
Iridessa is part of Tinker Bell’s Pixie Hollow gang

KW: What do you hope audiences will take away from the film?

  • Raven: Hopefully that it’s about friendship.

KW: What’s next for you?

  • Raven:  Right now I’m in college, I’m taking art classes at the Academy of Art University, and just trying to focus on life and stay happy.

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  1. I ♥LOVED♥ The Pirate Fairy!!! 😀
    As far as the interview, I liked all of it except I really wish they would have left the quote out about Raven trying to dress up like Iridessa for Halloween. It may not have been intentional, but it sounded like Raven was being negative about her body not being the same shape as Iridessa’s. I don’t know…just my take on it.

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