Disney Create closing, officially

It's official

It’s official

I can’t believe this, I can’t believe any of this…Pixie Hollow, ToonTown, POTC Online and now DC! What’s more, we won’t be able to access the painters either. I am shattered.

Read the FAQ: http://disney.go.com/guestservices/faqs?category=CreateHere

Disney is no more the happiest place on the Earth, as it claims. How could they break the hearts of millions of children just like this, for money? They want to focus on Mobile apps now, and a huge number of mobile apps from Disney came out recently, Frozen Free Fall, Disney Animated, Disney’s Hidden Worlds and Lost Light being a handful of them. But does this mean they should go on closing their sites like crazy? I am not going to trust Disney anymore now.

Create would be closing on April 30, 2014, according to the FAQs which were put up today. I am going to save all my drawings, but I really can’t draw on any painter apart from the DC ones. Can anyone please recommend me a painter similar to DC?

On the other note, I was lucky to have one of my drawings on the main page of DC before it closed.

The drawing of Anna and Elsa, is made by me

The drawing of Anna and Elsa (where Elsa makes snow while Anna looks in amazement), is made by me

Under_Par, a popular DC user recently made a forum post on Disney Create Wiki, breaking the news.

Yes it was announced on Disney Create, that the site is being terminated. Yes this is very distressing, but it is because they want to spread DC’s budget to other franchises. here is a link all about it  http://disney.go.com/guestservices/faq?id=create12

If you go onto the Disney Create site, it says at the top “Disney Create will be closing it’s doors on April 30, 2014. Please read or FAQ to find out how you can save or print your creations before the site is closed.

I really recomend you do this, all of you, and I am announcing this for those of you who do not go on the site anymore and would not have seen the announcment otherwise 😛

Just note that there is NOTHING we can do to stop it, and I really hope this doesn’t cause you to leave this website too!

oO_birdie_oO, another DC drawer replied,


‘ “Just note that there is NOTHING we can do, and I really hope this doesn’t cause you to leave this website too!”

I’m sorry if I go crazy, but I bet we all are really mad right now. But there isn’t NOTHING we can do, even though there is a low chance we can do anything about this but we can try. Maybe e-mail the Disney site to rethink things… maybe we can think of a way to make money out of create and give the idea to them. Or; we can always try making our own site like in that other forum. We might find a way to program the DC painter into it like some geniuses did to make skycow.us or /f/lockdraw. I know we’re not that smart but there are ways…

I’m determined enough and I’d sacrifice things to keep the site up and running. If I could I’d even work there (not that i will lol)!’

Well, there really isn’t anything we can do now, ANYTHING AT ALL. DC will have the same fate as Pixie Hollow, as Sapphire said.

Good bye, DC.

Good bye, DC.

What do you think? Tell me in a comment, below.



  1. But,… I think your right. We should do this! Make a website for people to share art! Even if it’s small where you just upload drawings and things from Microsoft Paint, it still, would be good. Who’s with me?! There’s some websites where you can make a free website, we should make one where we upload art. Yay or nay?

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