Disney Create closing?

After Pixie Hollow closed, I wanted to find some new friends so I joined Disney Create, a website where we can create and share our art with millions of other users. I got pretty good at it, when one day DC started glitching. Slowly, none of our art was getting approved.

Some friends of mine spoke to a DC moderator on Disney Create Wiki and she confirmed that Create is going to be closed down soon, as Disney wasn’t earning any money through it.

A recent article published in New York Times revealed that Disney had cut off 700 of its staff members, including the moderators on DC.


I was really not expecting this, as I was already shattered with the closure of Pixie Hollow.

Fortunately, Disney Create the site would still be there, with the painters and all, but our art will not be approved and shared. That is really a bad news for millions of DC users. At least we still have the painters, but the magic is gone.

Many people have been quitting DC recently, because of the many glitches they had to face. But it seems as if Create itself is quitting, now.

“Disney Interactive makes up a tiny piece of the Disney empire. The entertainment conglomerate as a whole had $1.84 billion in profit and $12.31 billion in revenue in its most recent quarter; Disney Interactive had operating income of $55 million on revenue of $403 million, according to financial filings.

But the gaming and web division has been a perpetual money loser, bleeding more than $1.3 billion since 2008, and the restructuring on Thursday was a humbling acknowledgment that, despite the company’s repeated pronouncements that long-term profitability was on the horizon, the unit remains challenged.”

We really cannot trust Disney now, it merely doesn’t care for children now. Anyways, we all are together and somehow we have to change this.

The closure of Pixie Hollow, ToonTown and POTC Online, and now Disney Create? There were rumors that if Frozen was a big hit, PH would come back. But, Disney is divided into hundreds of different compartments. There is the area who makes movies, Pixar, Disney Channel, virtual games, apps, artists, Disney Land, Disney World, ads, the website, games, video games, merchandise, like they are all different categories. So the money off of Frozen only goes to the Frozen Team. So it’s quite obvious why the virtual worlds didn’t return.

I made a drawing on Disney Create, as I really can’t stay away from it. I have only finished the basic sketching so far.

Elsa (How is it?)

Elsa (How is it?)

Any thoughts? Tell them in a comment, below! 😀



  1. No!! I’m almost finished drawing Jasmine and Aladdin !! I think Disney just worships money cause all the want is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ other wise they’ll close down anything and everything until they get what they want.

    1. That is true, but wow! It doesn’t make any sense! They’re obviously worried about money, so why would they close down websites that everyone loves? It’ll only cost them business if you ask me. Also, DC was hugely promoting their products; just look at all the Frozen fan art on the front page! Part of the reason they’re struggling financially is, most likely, because of how they’re running their business nowadays. 1: They’re replacing all of their good shows with cheesy, poorly-written “comedies”. 2: They’re getting rid of all the fun games on their websites. And they actually think closing DC will HELP their business? “Herp-a-derp, we need more money, so let’s close down our most popular website and replace it with lousy mobile apps! That oughta put some money in the bank!”

    1. Yes guys, I understand how you feel. 😦
      Melissa, you MUST draw on paper like a master before you want to start drawing well on the computer. You should practice MS Paint for some months and remember, you will always improve.
      By the way, I still haven’t finished the drawing, it was just a basic sketch. 🙂

  2. people might just resort to youtube or blogs or forums to show off art. i was starting a flipbook on where elsa s pulling out her braid but i havent even finished slide 1! i will just have to post it on youtube to show it now! and uh disney isnt for kids really disney channel is just dumb shows now about sluts and dating and literally no cartoons like the 90s and early 00s

    1. Yes, doctorwhogirl, you are very right. Disney Channel doesn’t show cartoons now, particularly because it’s a BIG deal to animate. Please give me a link to your video, after you upload it. Take care! 🙂

  3. Those morons! If they’re worried about money, why not consider premium memberships like deviantART and PH had? But then again, they closed PH regardless. It literally makes me sick knowing that they would destroy the art of millions of children, all so they could replace it with mobile apps that nobody is going to use. Imagine all the poor kids who didn’t see the message before it was too late. Imagine trying to go on DC one day only to find that the site is closed, and all of your art is gone forever? I agree with doctorwhogirl- their new shows are CRAP!

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