Amazing Disney Princess hair moments

The Disney Princesses are great at a lot of things: singing, following their dreams, defeating villains, teaching us great life lessons… we could go on and on. But there’s something that comes naturally to a princess that we both love and are secretly envious of… their hair. Yes, there’s much more to a princess than her natural beauty, but we wanted to take a moment and appreciate those amazing princess hair moments. Here in no particular order, are our favorites.



It’s already been well documented by our friends at Oh My Disney that we love Ariel’s famous red locks. But our absolute favorite moment is her hair spin during “Part of Your World.” Just look at how her hair flows ever so perfectly under water. Why can’t we look that effortless?


Tiana is a princess who takes a more practical approach to hair. Whether it’s rocking a princess topknot or a sensible low ponytail for beignet making, Tiana knows how to style her hair for any occasion. So it comes as no surprise that during her “Almost There” dream sequence she wears our favorite look: a chic, flapper style bob. She also gets extra kudos for the feather accessory.


Oh Jasmine, how we long for your full, glorious hair. Her tri-ponytail is just right for dramatic exits (#hairflip) but sensible enough for a cross-continent magic carpet ride.


It seems like everywhere we turn, another person is getting a short haircut. We personally like to think they are taking inspiration from one of our bravest princesses, Mulan. We were in total awe when she boldly chopped off her locks with a sword. How did she cut it so straight? Why can’t we be that awesome?


When we’re sleeping, we wake up resembling Anna on the morning of coronation day (drool and all.) Snow White on the other hand looks darling with her dark curls and red bow.


Aurora’s effortless style is a great lesson in always looking your best, no matter what the day might bring. Sure, she thought she was just going for a walk in the woods, but instead she meets the prince of her dreams. Aurora’s loose curls are the perfect mix of casual elegance – ideal for dancing and finding your true love.


Try as we may, we will never be able to accomplish the wind-blown look like Pocahontas does. Whether she’s canoeing or painting with all the colors of the wind, Pocahontas’ long, straight locks always manage to look majestic. Just look at it as she rises out of the trees. Why can’t we look that cool?


Sometimes ponytails can look sloppy, but when we first meet Belle in her provincial town, she is the perfect example for how to do this look right. It’s the right mix of effortless and pulled together with loose pieces and that blue bow.


Cinderella’s magical hair transformation is not only our favorite look of hers, but one that has become iconic in Disney history. Graceful and elegant, this style is the ideal look for royal balls at the grand palace and meeting your Prince Charming.


We love that Merida is a princess who marches to the beat of her own drum, and her hair is no exception. Instead of trying to tame those amazing natural curls, Merida lets them bounce along freely, making us all wish we could embrace our natural locks like she does.


If we’re going to talk about hair that’s truly magical, we can’t leave out Rapunzel. While this girl is pretty much a walking amazing-hair moment, we’ve narrowed it down to two of our favorite looks. First, when Rapunzel shows Flynn (or Eugene at this point) her magical hair powers. We may or may not have tried singing the “Healing Incantation” to try and make our hair glow, but have yet to make it work.


Our second favorite moment comes when Rapunzel’s flowing locks are transformed into an intricate braid. Extra points are given for the flower accessories and Rapunzel’s cute little spin after she finally can move without all of hair behind her.


What’s your favorite Disney Princess hair moment?



  1. My favorite Disney Princess hair moment is Princess Jasmine’s unforgettably gorgeous hair flying in the wind during the magic carpet ride 😀

    Awesome post, Sarah! Mind if I reblog this on my site?

  2. You guys won’t believe me, but something wonderful just happened . I tried to play PH again and my computer started to glitch. I was able to get my old fairy back and I got Queen Clarion’s dress and crown. I flew all around PH and nobody was there. When I turned my computer off and turned it back on I wasen’t able to play PH anymore. 😦

  3. I looked up PH on my computer and I think it brought me to the official site. I clicked play and my computer started glitching. I got my old fairy back plus Queen Clarion’s gown and crown. I flew through everyplace in PH and it seemed gloomy and empty. When I reached the pixie tree area I was astonish by how many fairies were frozen and started to seize to exist. That was all I remember before I turned my computer off and I was able to play anymore.

  4. Btw I think I saw somebody with reddish or auburn hair named Elva A. The rest of the name was blocked by another fairy.

  5. It is asking me to put in the password , name, email, and description . Do you mind if I print it and then send it to you??

  6. Sorry I can’t print it because I don’t have an air printer. And my IPad that I took the picture on needs an air printer to print :() !!!

  7. I’m so glad somebody can finally talk about Crystal coming back with me. Because I thought I was the only one talking about that.

  8. Hey all I will just be away for a bit only now. Im happy that u all missed me 🙂
    Well is it just me or someone else too has noticed too that EVERY regular reader on this blog has a blog of their own…….
    And it has reduced our chatting almost 60%…… 😦
    And i too have a blog…..
    Totally weird

  9. hi crystal ! I really missed you . come to my blog ! I posed a lot when you wear gone . not many people wear coming to it . p.s. I’m working on a new post .

  10. Well on my computer there was a website that looked like the official we used to play on. I click on play and all I wanted was to see memories of PH and my computer glitch and brought me on PH . I thought something different was going to happen or if it was a virus, but I got my old fairy back and was able to fly.

  11. It’s call Home Sweet Hollow you can find it on WordPress . Those girls that braided Rapunzel’s hair do look like Anna .

  12. omg ! I’m upset . right now I’m usley at skating but I couldint go ! I use to be on a bowling team but it got cancled now I go to free skate at the ice rink every sunday . the last 2 weeks they swiched wich rink they put free skaters in . there we have more then 1 rink . mosly for compaton . anyways the rink we wear in for the last two weeks was named WATER . it had heating too ! 😀 so that rink was awesome ! in that rink I could glide well & twirle great !! this week we had to go to our regular rink POP & THE ICE WAS TERABLE ! it looked like someone was playing hockey & they dint fix the ice for free skate . they dint run the zamboney or what ever that thing that smooths the ice is called . I couldn’t even glide . you can get hurt . so I’m really mad at that . isn’t that bad ?

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