What do you think?

Sarah’s Pixie Hollow Adventures (SPHA) officially completed  its 6 months recently (28th February,2014 to be exact).


So, first of all, do you, my readers think that this blog can be improved in any way? Any feedback or suggestions? If yes, then please leave a comment below to tell me what you think.

Secondly, I am planning to get some new guest authors for SPHA! If you think you can be one of them, then leave me a comment below. If you already have a blog, then also leave a link to your blog so that I can check out your awesome posts.

What I want you to post about should be some interesting stuff. Some thing about Disney or Disney Fairies or some Disney movie reviews. I don’t want stories about life on mainland as some blogs already have them and it would be unfair for me to do so. If you have something apart from what I said to post about, make sure to let me know before you post!

Next, I am willing to become a guest author on some blogs! If you think I am am eligible for a guest author on your blog, then leave a comment below to let me know and don’t forget to send an invitation!

On the other news, I just crossed 300 fans on Disney Create! I would like you to see some of my recent drawings which made me popular-





Elsa (Realistic)

Elsa (Realistic)



Anime girl

Anime girl

Ariel and Flounder

Ariel and Flounder

To see my drawings and rate/leave comments, go my page on http://disney.go.com/create/artists/WaltDisneysMulan

Leave me a comment below to answer all the questions I asked you in this post and tell me which drawing of mine you like the best. 😀









  1. Sarah you never commented on my blog cause I just checked it and it said nobody commented, so you might have done something different. 🙂

  2. I know! After all that time I’ve been on the chat box with her, she never told me? Or any of us??

    And plus, she finds it hard to leave comments on your blog Sarah, remember? Why would she do these? 😐

Let me know what you think, it means so much to me! ღ

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