Frozen’s Let It Go: In 25 Languages!

Walt Disney Animation Studios has released a new multilingual version of Frozen’s Oscar-nominated song, “Let it Go” as a thank you to all of us Frozen fans, and we love it.

Now when we sing the song at the top of our lungs in the shower, while driving, at the office, pretty much all day every day, we can also improve our minds by practicing other languages.

The Frozen soundtrack is now available for all your power ballad singing needs.

Don’t you just love this song? Well, I do! It is a theme of liberation with catchy lyrics…

By the way, lets not forget this:

singalongFrozen Sing-Along just started in the theaters on 31st January!

And there was a good news too. Frozen won the Golden Globe Award for the Best Animation Feature! It deserved it, like most other Disney films do.

Frozen has been nominated for several other awards, like the Oscars, and is awaiting results.

Do you think Frozen deserves all these awards and success? Tell me in a comment, below! 😀



  1. well guys iam sad …………………. because of this mess . this big mess . that Disney made . today …………. well tonight moments ago my fav , the sweetest show ever …………. ended . maybe it was your’s too . good luck Charlie . I miss it . iam so sad . if Disney ruins one more thing then iam gonna ruin Disney . I hate Disney now ! why cant teddy gone to yale & then the grandmother moves in & replace teddy . or not send her to yale . iam heart broken . I wached little Charlie grow up . I wached the show forever . why ? iam mad at Disney . mad !!!!!!! why cant they keep good luck Charlie ? why cant they replace teddy ? iam mad !!!!! MAD !!!!!!!!!! sad … that show was the only thing that helped me . the crazy Duncan family . cries . iam sad . :[

  2. OMG !!!!!!!!! I cant belive . why ??? oh why is Disney such a b………… !!!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry I said that but I am mad !!! ya know Disney xd ? well some Disney channel shows go there when they are done . 2 fav shows are going there . one I dint even know ended . wonder over yonder & gravity falls are done . omg !!!!! madness . I loved wonder over yonder . iam mad at Disney . more then mad . Disney is now a bad thing

  3. Disney is too ‘modernized’ now, they don’t care about children’s moods, they care about money. 😦

    That’s ridiculous!

  4. Friends I wanna tell something
    first of all, sorry if I’ve hurt anyone in anyway. Next, my email’s crashed, I can’t see any of ur mails. Next, I can come here for chatting only on Sundays.Next, you all are the best pixies I’ve ever met.Next, I’ve decided to forget all the quarrels I had here and start again afresh.Next, I like you all, my friends verrrrryyyyyyyyy much. 😉

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    Lastly, keep visiting other blogs and communicate with your readers. Make your posts long and use proper grammer. Make sure you know what you are posting about, always.
    Hope this helps. 🙂

  9. Why is that whenever I do something which others r doing or when I want to do something everyone starts to have a problem

  10. ok guys iam back from Frankenmuth . I dint take pics on my ds or tablet but I took pics on my other camera but I have to wait 2 weeks befor they develop . iam working on a post on my site too .

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    but its not true!
    and i think tht no one is listening to me bcz i wrote a comment and no one replied on it.

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