A true story: How Pixie Hollow transformed a little girl’s life

This is a true story, and I found it on a petition site. You have to believe it.

Note: Where is the tissue box? You are gonna cry.

There was a girl called Sasha (I don’t know her real name, actually). She was suffering from asthma attacks since she was small. Most of her time was spent in the hospital. Naturally, she did not attend school.

Sasha was a lonely child. As she mostly stayed in the hospital, she didn’t play with other children and have fun. Her parents were depressed and couldn’t see their dear little girl suffering like that. But they had no choice.

One day, Sasha’s doctor told her parents that she wouldn’t recover if she was not happy and had fun. Her parents were confused. How could they make her happy?

Then, Sasha’s mom discovered Pixie Hollow. She made an account for Sasha there, and made arrangements so that she could play Pixie Hollow in the hospital.

Astonishingly, soon Sasha became a jolly, happy child and smiled a lot. She made many friends in Pixie Hollow and enjoyed herself. As her parents were not allowed to see her in the hospital more than fifteen minutes a day, her dad made an account for himself in PH and used to talk to his daughter everyday in Pixie Hollow.

Soon, Sasha got a Pixie Hollow membership as a birthday gift from her parents. She recovered fast, and didn’t need to visit the hospital often. She had started playing in Pixie Hollow when she was 6.

Unfortunately, when PH announced its closure in 2012, 10-year old Sasha was miserable. The asthma attacks returned and she was again admitted in the hospital.

Sasha is still suffering and missing Pixie Hollow. Her parents have chosen to boycott Disney. How else can they express their anger?


This was indeed a sad story. I am trying to make it reach to Robert Iger. There are billions of Sasha’s like this who are suffering.

And did you think of the many people who worked in Pixie Hollow and lost their jobs?

I can’t help but love Disney. Actually, we can’t just blame ‘Disney’. Its Mr Iger’s fault.

If you have any hint or news, please comment below.



  1. Sapphire I’m sry But can u send it on my other email address plz that one doesn’t work.
    I cant open that mail

  2. Hey Sarah you probably don’t know me but my fairy’s name is Rose and I saw you on Marigold’s blog . ( you were awesome) btw I feel the same way as you do about Pixie Hollow closing down and then giving false alarms about it opening again. So that is why I want to support you and your blog. :()

  3. What a sad story :`-( I do hope Sasha can find something else to make her happy. If I knew her in real life, I would send her a letter and tell her to stay strong and explain that not all happiness can stem from just one thing. Nothing in this world can be promised to us forever, but we can keep the memories and magic in our hearts ♥

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