New Year and New Beginnings


The year 2013 brought us many joys and sorrows and I hope that 2014 does the same, though I definitely want the sorrows to be much, much less.

January is here with a lot more hopes. Especially, the one of Pixie Hollow returning. The rumors suggest that it’s going to re-open in January-this month! But we never can be sure. Okay, lets just keep our wings, or I’d rather say fingers, crossed.

All right. So what are your New Year Resolutions? Must be something special, I guess. Mine are to present better posts to you all which you can enjoy thoroughly.Nice idea, huh? 🙂

On the other news, two really awesome fairies- Elva Aspenpetal and Crystal Watershimmer want to share something really interesting with you all. Guess what? It’s about their fairies’ life in the mainland! Did ya ever think about it? Perhaps not.

But they two did and they generously shared their experiences as well! Here they are-

Elva’s story

Elva Aspenpetal lay unconcious on the cold and hard Mainland ground, her clothes tattered, her long, red hair messed up, her face charred , her mauve eyes half-closed. She had fallen with a great thud on the Mainland, The Land of Clumsies, since her homeland, Pixie Hollow, was demolished in late summer on September 19th. On that ungrateful day, every pixie was thrown away on the Mainland, probably never to meet each other again.
As she opened them, she realized she had still got eyes. She stirred, then sat upright. pixie Hollow was yet imprinted on her retinas, which faded away as she blinked her eyes rapidly. She looked around hopelessly to catch a glimpse of a meadow, a delicate wing or at least, some shimmering Pixie Dust.
What was she supposed to do now? As she looked down upon herself, she felt horribly cold, her teeth chattering, and she could think only of her cosy home in Maple Tree Hill. As she thought of it, she also felt a pang for Lilytwirl, her dear pet butterfly.
But she ought to live. She rose up with a vigour she knew not from where, and began exploring around the place.
“This seems to be a forest,” she thought, when suddenly she realized there would be no Pixie Dust Mill here, so she needed to conserve as much Pixie Dust as she could.”A fairy without flight! Now that’s something to worry about,” she thought, as she picked up a drying lily petal with great effort, and shuddered off most of her Pixie Dust on it.
She needed to protect herself from the horrible cold and pitch black night. So, she sought shelter under a colocasia leaf. As morning came, it dawned on her that she ought to get some decent clothes.
When Elva woke up the next morning, she saw that she was surrounded by a couple of songbirds. Well, Elva was an Animal-Talent, so she could speak easily to a bird or an animal.
She asked them,”Hello, do you know a safe place where I can live?”
One of them said, “Yes, follow us.” The second one waved to move along.
“Of course! I-“,she stopped abruptly.”I- I can‘t fly,”she said, a bit abashed, as the birds gazed at her wings.
She told them her need to conserve Pixie Dust.
“Oh, it’s not at all a problem,”said one of them. “You can have a ride on my back.”So, Elva climbed up, a little stumbling,And then, they were off.
to be Continued
Crystal’s story
Crystal Watershimmer

Crystal Watershimmer

Heya guys, this is me, Crystal Watershimmer. This is my first post so I’m pretty excited.
So this post is about my fairy Crystal Watershimmer and her adventure in Mainland when Pixie Hollow: her home closed.
Hope y’all like it
So here goes…
A pixie about five inches lay on the soft sand. She was unconscious. Crystal Watershimmer her name was. Her straight, long,blue hair with light purple streaks which was tied in a ponytail was a mess, her face was a little dirty but she still had the rosy glow she had when she had entered the hollow. Her delicate maroon eyelids opened slowly. She stood up and saw around the place with her round, blue eyes. She saw nobody around. “Where am I?” She wondered. She looked at the sand at her feet and saw RoseHeart, her butterfly animal friend. She picked her up. “At least, someone’s with me “, she said to herself. “But how did it get here”.

She closed her eyes and tried to remember what had happened. Then she remembered she and many other fairies were spinning in a whirlwind. Then it struck her that the hollow, her home in Palm Tree Cove had all gone now. She could never forget the moments of fun she had with her friends, the parties, the events, the meadows and everything the hollow had to offer. She opened her eyes and tears rolled down her cheeks. She wiped the tears off. ” I can’t stand here crying like that” She thought. She gathered up her confidence and looked around, she could see coconut trees, sand, sea waves and sea gulls. I’m on a beach, she figured out. Then she learned that there will not be a Pixie Dust Mill here so she would have to conserve her pixie dust and not fly much.

She was a water talent so she went to the sandy and rocky shoreline and tried to shape the water into a waterball. Many droplets of water joined together in front of her and made a small waterball. “Phew… I still have my water talent.”

“Come on RoseHeart, a long adventure awaits us on this strange and unknown land……”
To be continued……

So well, how do you like them? They are to be continued, but aren’t they fantastic? 😀
Tell me your New Year Resolutions and how you like these stories in a comment below! 😀


  1. hi guys . that’s a lot of commits . I cant read them all ! 😀 I did read a few old ones . I read the commits about that blog that said crystal cheating . that crystal kinda looked like crystal when we first ment . I think . anyways I think someone made a copy pixie of crystal . I think that person wanted to be like crystal . anyways that blog is so bad . I put bad reviews . anyways that pixie was mean .she put no words . she dint say how or why . some pixies are just rude .

  2. I know . I read it . its bad that she is so mean . that girl is such a gosup . she justs wants to get a rise outta people . that pixie dint even post any proof . why she thought that crystal copy was cheating

  3. omg !!! 😀 I posted commits on that pixie paws club that said this site is afle . I don’t like that pixie paws club site . she dosint even post any words . just pics

    1. Pics of the so called ‘cheaters’. A blog isn’t about posting cheaters, it’s about writing your life, right?! I can’t believe that Strawberry girl doesn’t know it.

  4. Hey, that reminds me, has anyone seen Vanessa lately? She didn’t come here ever since the chat box is gone. 😦

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