Chat box

Note:The chat box has been removed regarding some complaints. It may return, though nothing can be confirmed now.

Sarah D.



  1. ooh wow great. but u know my story so probably u could just mail me
    dont feel bad but now i think everyone wants to post abt their fairy. see- you, me, and julie too.

  2. well elva YOU dont feel bad it was my idea from the start maybe u didnt know but the first one to think abt it was me


    Sarah, the chat box is not safe anymore, CP supporters are using it. There’s this guy, KamdaPondo, he called all fairies poop! Even you Sarah! I fought with him in the Chat box, he told me not to warn anyone, but I already did! Sarah, you must do something!!!!!

Let me know what you think, it means so much to me! ღ

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