What Christmas is Like

Christmas is so close we can taste it. (It tastes like joy, happiness, gingerbread, and green bean casserole–but the good kind with the crispy onions.) Our dreams are dotted with sugar plum fairies, our hopes revolve entirely around getting that Elsa doll we put on our lists, we’ve already made three batches of test cookies for Santa; the anticipation is palpable. There’s nothing like the feeling of coming downstairs on Christmas morning, being with family, and opening those long-awaited presents that have been calling to you from underneath the tree. Let’s explore the many steps of this special process, using Disney characters as our guide.


On Christmas Eve, it’s impossible to sleep
There’s so much to be excited for! And you swear you just heard Santa and the reindeer on the roof.


At the first sign of daylight you hop out of bed
Okay, maybe slightly before daylight.


First stop: Parents’ bedroom
Don’t they know it’s CHRISTMAS MORNING aka PRESENT TIME!?!


You run down the stairs
It is nowhere near this graceful. Not even close.


The tree! The presents! It’s almost too much to handle


You wait (impatiently) for everyone else to get out of bed
This feels like an eternity, but it is actually only 10 minutes.


The first present beckons
You try to pace yourself; this is a marathon not a sprint.


But soon enough you are ripping apart that wrapping paper with gusto
You + your new presents = love.


Aunt Mildred knit yet another sweater that doesn’t even slightly resemble a sweater
mr_whiskers_opening presents
Yeesh. But you keep it together, it’s the thought that counts.


What’s this? Exactly what you wanted!
Has anyone ever been this happy? You think not.


Just when you think it’s over, you get another perfect gift!
Cuteness overload. No words.


You are truly the king of everything you see.
Christmas accomplished.


What’s your favorite part of opening presents on Christmas morning? Tell us in the comments!



  1. Awesome post Sarah! My fave part is just thinkink abt what my present will be!

    and and and……
    I told I’d love to be a guest author. Here’s my idea.
    I am going to write the afterlife of Elva after the end of pixie hollow, when she and all other pixies are thrown abruptly on the mainland, perhaps never to meet each other again.

  2. Sarah I know you will feel bad but the truth is the truth and I have to tell u this sometime or other that I don’t think ur a very friendly pixie to me 😐

  3. you are friendly, Sarah, Cris just wants to say that sometimes she doesn’t find you quite helpful to her.
    by the way I emailed you, Sarah.

  4. Everybody here I’m sry this is the second time this has happened its enough and I’m leaving this blog for good

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