Mind blowing Disney posters

With Frozen proving to be a successful Disney animated musical, we must not forget the first thing we loved about it- its poster of course! Now its time to look back at some of the greatest posters Disney ever created.


How could we forget the latest? Frozen poster is creative and carefully shows the five main characters- Anna, Elsa, Olaf,Kristoff and Hans. The snow looks so cool. Oh, and it also says ‘from the creators of Tangled and Wreck it Ralph’. and everyone looks so cute with all that snow on their hair. And Olaf? He is the best anyways.


What did you think the first time you saw this poster? ‘What is this girl up to? I must be in the theaters to know.’ Well, that’s what everyone thought and why Mulan was a super-hit. This poster is truly mind blowing and so is the movie. Mulan looks great. And what about Khan- her horse? He looks awesome, too!

You all must have seen the poster stuck on the walls in your city. But it was somewhere else as well.Guess?

Yeah, in Nani’s bedroom in Lilo and stitch. Gosh! Mulan is so famous.

Again. Another poster quite similar to Mulan. Merida looks so brave! The ‘change your fate’ line at the bottom of the poster is the eye catcher. And, of course Merida’s bow and arrow. Also the movies title. ‘BRAVE’ is an awesome title. #win
The Lion King
This one is very beautiful. The image of Mufasa in the sky.Oooh! Another phrase, ‘THE KING HAS RETURNED’.
This poster is the reason why Lion King became the greatest Disney hit ever. Ever. Ever. Yes!
Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs
First Disney Movie + First Disney poster = Center of attraction. The poster shows EVERYONE. A very clever thing to do. Wait, The Prince is not there. Well, he is there but he doesn’t quite look like Snow White’s Prince. But again, who cares? Disney has now released its 53rd animation feature, but the 1st is always special, isn’t it?
Toy Story
The best movie to watch with your best friend, Toy Story was an instant hit. And the poster? It’s the best poster to stare at, standing hand in hands with your best friend! Toys rule.
Its your, my our favourite adventure, which is taken to a new length! Rapunzel looks stunning with that frying pan. Oh, Flynn (or Eugean) has the frying pan. Pascal is angry. Maximus is pointing the sword at someone, but whom? So much buzz it created, that Tangled went on to become the second greatest Disney hit ever.
A poster should be of a type that creates curiosity. That is exactly what the Aladdin poster did. Though it doesn’t show any of the characters, it shows the main thing- the magic lamp. And of course, our beloved Aladdin holding the precious thing. What is the best thing? All those lines written on it! Read it yourself, its really to long. 😀
The Little Mermaid
Ariel wants to be a human. She is sitting on a rock thinking that. Its a full moon night and the sea is calm. THe phrase is great. Result? Impressive.
The Beauty and The Beast
It is truly the most beautiful love story ever told. The poster proves it.The Beauty and The Beast. Forget everything else.
What is your fave Disney poster? Tell me in a comment below.


Let me know what you think, it means so much to me! ღ

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