Pixie Hollow Memories: Mixed Bag

All right, now. I am awfully sad to declare that this is my last Pixie Hollow Memories post, as I don’t have any more pictures. This is a mixed bag, which means the memories are not about any particular subject. They are about different things. All right, where is the tissue box again? You are sure to shed some tears as well as show some smiles as you read this.

My profile

My profile

My profile

I decided to start with my profile. I really miss my fairy very much. I don’t know where she is now. 😦


c3AW dear! This is my butterfly, Merryswirl or Merry. She was my best friend as she was there WHENEVER I needed her.And she could perform all the tricks! I miss you Merry, YES I DO! 😦

Troop Rabbit Hideout

c9I really loved Camp Pixie Dust very much! As I was an Animal talent, I was in Troop Rabbit. This hideout has a VERY special place in my heart. Can you see the other fairy in this picture? I don’t know who she is, as she was not my friend. I couldn’t add her as she was standing idol from a long time. Anyways, I know she also must have been catching the last glimpses of the hideout.

Animal Derby

c21This is the game everyone must have played. I really miss and thank those adorable animals who let us race on their backs. All of them were awesome, even the turtle. Mind you that Mr. Turtle was not at all slow. I won the race many times with him, against players on faster animals!

P.S. I know you are curious who must have won this race in this picture. For your information, I won it! 🙂 (A smile at last)


craftOkay, you know why I chose this particular picture. Because I have got a 100/100 score in it! I just loved that pretty skirt. I also crafted the other knitted gala things and wore them together. I miss them!

Havendish Square

chatI miss this specific meadow because it was a chatting hub for all. This special corner below the ballroom was always flooded with chatting players, mostly members. We often tried out silly sweets and chatted with numerous people at the same time. Then there were many things in Havendish Square. The Ballroom, The theater, Cassie’s Costumes and The Queen’s Boutique. Oh, and also Animal Derby. *tears* All right, I miss the other meadows too.

My best friend

c4OKAY, I miss all my friends but BFFs are special, right? Scarlet was really close to me. I miss the fun hangouts we had together. We also went shopping together. We also played Animal Derby together. We also chatted together. Oh yes, we did (almost) everything together! I still know Scarlet, but those times…

The last day

c27Yes, correct, it was the last day then! Scarlet told me that she would ‘leave as she came’ meaning she would leave Pixie Hollow in the way she came to Pixie Hollow. I was inspired and I also decided to leave as I came. Result? I wore my arrival day outfit (which I still had) and changed my hairstyle into the one I had entered PH. I also changed my expression and everything.

The Leaderboards

leaderWho doesn’t like to be on the leaderboards? I remember telling all my friends the good news whenever I came on the leaderboards. Yeah, I’m here in this picture. I scored high in my fave game – Bubble Bounce. How much I miss it!

The Never Unicorn

That magic. I had to finish many quests to finally see her- THE NEVER UNICORN.

The mermaids

mermaidYes, I had seen them. The picture is the proof. I had seen all the mermaids but they disappeared too quickly. I was fortunate enough to click this picture.


c8My dear mentor! All of us miss our mentors badly.Fawn was like a friend to me. I loved her quests and everything. Aw!

This look

silBoo! Its Sarah, not Silvermist. I myself had created this look. It took lots of diamonds, dyes,dresses, hairstyles and time to create this. I remember a fairy running after me thinking I was Sil. Maybe she didn’t notice my name written above. How I wish I could wear this now!


Pixie Hollow itself!

TREE3I talked about many things now, but they were all about- Pixie Hollow! Its truly the place were I, You, we belong. It was like a second home to us. All the friends and memories made there shall never be forgotten. Events like Animals’ Mothers Day, Garden Tea Party, Camp Pixie Dust and many more, will remain in our hearts. Chatting with our friends, Gardening, Wilderness Adventures or just shopping by ourselves. PH, you will never ever be forgotten. Never.

Thoughts? Tell me in a comment below.



Let me know what you think, it means so much to me! ღ

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