Pixie Hollow Memories: Feeding other fairies’ animal friends

Yes I know you all miss Pixie Hollow.More than 2 months have passed since its closure and its still fresh in our minds. We have kind of forgotten it but still, its in our hearts.

While playing in my school garden, I suddenly came across a lady bird and immediately it reminded me of Flower, Scarlet’s lady bird friend in Pixie Hollow. That is why I decided to post about her-Flower. This is a sort of a tribute to Flower and all the other animal friends we have left in Pixie Hollow. Grab your tissues for you are really gonna feel emotional and miss your animal friends when you read this post.











Now, when you have seen all these pics and read whatever I had said, let me make everything clear to you. You all already know Scarlet- my best friend. She wasn’t online from 2 days so I had dropped by her house to check on Flower- her lady-bird animal friend. I found out that she was hungry, and I fed her. I had also taken Merry, my butterfly along for I knew she’s like to see Flower.

Now when I look at these pictures, I feel sad- VERY SAD. I badly miss Pixie Hollow and everyone there. That’s where we belong, actually. That’s why this blog was made and people got to know me. That’s why we have met so many new friends and had so much fun.

What do you miss the most about Pixie Hollow(PH) ? Tell me in a comment below. 🙂



    1. Hey “flower” and “merry”! I miss PH too,if u wanna see more hoe I feel guys go to marigold’s PixieHollow musings wordpress.com ok I’ll miss PH so much that I thought about it during class and CRIED all day so I hud my face in between my knees

  1. Positively here r the timings when I’ll be regularly visiting this blog 😉
    Sunday 11:45am – 12:45pm
    Tuesday 6:45pm – 7:15pm
    These are my SURE timings when I’ll check on over here. If it’s possible for me for any another days, I’ll tell u all in a comment! 🙂
    Plz be sure to come 😀

  2. I miss my fairy friends and my animal friend, my butterfly Starspirit. I miss everything about Pixie Hollow!
    I miss the different places you could fly to, the parties, the games, the beautiful fashions!
    Isn’t there anything we can do to bring back the Hollow? My pixie heart is broken.

  3. Huh??? What’s that link in the above comment????? Pixie hollow map?????? Im mean what’s this???? Huh????
    Need explanation 😐

  4. its some sort of the hollow. We enter the map and can go to meadows, but its just only that much. They say they will make changes in that site and it will develop.
    I ain’t happy with it, though.
    But atleast, you can have a look at the meadows and hear the melodious music which I missed a lot about the hollow ~sniffs, sobs and gives a sad and teary expression-sort of a smile~

  5. I miss going down to the cove once in a while to enjoy the fresh air (even though you can’t feel it) . I also miss decorating my house from top to bottom. I miss going shopping and flying around Pixie Hollow with flitterific clothing. But most of all, I miss my best friend, Quinn Frozensky.

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