Frozen:Movie review

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Rating:5 Star Rating

Disney‘s newest film, Frozen is fun and beautifully made. It is from the creators of fave movies like Tangled and you can expect it to be very awesome, too!

By: Sarah

Anna‘s Magical sister Elsa, is suddenly crowned the Queen and her magic is ruining everything. She forbids Anna’s budding new relationship with Prince Hans and freezes the area in mid- summer and goes into hiding. Its now up to Anna to save the day along with the new friends she meets.

Sisters Anna and Elsa

Sisters Anna and Elsa


In the kingdom of Arendelle, young princesses Anna and Elsa wish to play with snow. Elsa makes it happen magically, indoors! The slippery snow makes Anna fall making Elsa and her parents fear that this power of Elsa can hurt Anna in future. The two sisters are kept separate from then on.

Frozen land of Arendelle
                                                   Frozen land of Arendelle

The Coronation

When the girls are young ladies, Elsa is being crowned the Queen and Anna meets handsome Prince Hans, who has arrived for the coronation ceremony. Everything’s just all right until Elsa flees , leaving the whole summer kingdom Frozen.

Anna meets handsome prince Hans
                                                      Anna meets handsome prince Hans

The Journey Begins

Feeling that she was also responsible for Elsa’s running away, Anna leaves Hans in charge and sets off to find and bring her elder sis back. On the way, Anna meets handsome mountain man Kristoff, who, along with reindeer buddy Sven helps Anna to find Elsa. They are then joined by the awesome snowman Olaf, who is continuously optimistic. Back in Arendelle, Hans is trying to run the kingdom, dealing with the tricky Duke of Weselton  who wants Arendelle’s riches for himself.

Elsa, Sven, Olaf, Kristoff and Anna
                                            Elsa, Sven, Olaf, Kristoff and Anna

After lots of adventures, learning magical secrets from Kristoff’s pals- the rock trolls and coming face-to-face with a ferocious  giant show and ice creature, Anna reunites with Elsa. Will this mean  a thawed-out kingdom and happiness for all?

Anna inside Elsa's ice castle
                                                         Anna inside Elsa’s ice castle


Frozen is a great and very entertaining spin on Hans Christian Anderson‘s ‘The Snow Queen‘ classic story. The voice-actors have done a fabulous job and so have the animators.

There are many plot twists in the movie and its good for kids and adults alike. Anna’s character is very real and she will make you feel like you are seeing a real human on screen. Sister Elsa, although causing chaos, isn’t the typical Disney villain.The theme of love, overcoming fear and sacrifice for others is what that will thaw your heart.

Snowman Olaf discovers spring flower
                                        Snowman Olaf discovers spring flower

   Disney really pulled out the stops on their detailed animation in the film, creating new software just to make the snow look more “real”.  The result actually makes you feel that the temperature in the theater has dropped by several degrees. Costumes are colorful and beautiful and cute snowman Olaf and reindeer Sven will make great stocking stuffer plush gifts this holiday season for your friends.

Also in theaters with Frozen is the delightful short animated film Get a Horse which makes the most of classic-style Disney animation (think early Mickey Mouse B&W shorts) blended with a modern, color spin that works really well in 3D especially.

Adorable Sven and Olaf
                                                      Adorable Sven and Olaf

So, when are you watching Frozen?

Forzen Poster featuring Anna and Elsa
Frozen Poster featuring Anna and Elsa

In theaters November 27th, 2013!

Source: Kidzworld



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