Mulan: Movie review


Walt Disney’s Mulan celebrates its 15th anniversary this year, 2013. To celebrate, I’ve written a Mulan movie review. Some more posts will be coming soon!

“Why is my reflection someone I don’t know?”

How bad can it be not knowing your own reflection ? Well, thats exactly what happened with Mulan. Mulan(1998) was adapted from the poem ‘The Ballad of Mulan’ which is presumably a true story.

Being the only child, she felt responsible for honoring her family.But, she was unlike other traditional Chinese girls.

A still from Mulan
A still from Mulan

She had a feisty, adventurous personality.One day, the Emperor ordered one man from each family to come and join the army for the war against the Huns. Being the only man in the family, Mulan’s old and weak father was ordered to join the army.

That was when Mulan took the biggest decision of all. She stole her father’s armor,  dressed up as a man and without informing her parents, went to join the army.

Mulan dresses up as a man

Mulan dresses up as a man

She made her Captain and the others believe that she was a man. Under Captain Li Shang’s training, Mulan became a good soldier. Mulan, along with her guardian dragon Mushu, ended up saving China.

Mulan, with her guardian dragon Mushu

Mulan, with her guardian dragon Mushu

There is a lot more into the story. I didn’t tell it all so that you could enjoy the movie. Mulan, is one of the greatest Disney movies and is a must for all.

Mulan with her father

Mulan with her father

                      “The greatest gift and honor is having a daughter like you.”

Mulan is a movie the whole family can enjoy. It teaches that girls are no less than boys. And you, can bring honour to your family, just like Mulan did.

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More info

Mulan was blockbuster movie, earning $304 million at the box office. It was rated 86% fresh by Rotten Tomatoes. Reviewers gave Mulan 3.4 out of 4 stars saying that ‘Mulan is a great movie. A must watch for all.’ It was followed by a sequel, Mulan 2. Mulan is also counted between the top 20 Disney movies. The movie also started the career of famous pop-star Christina Aguilera, who sang the pop version of the theme song ‘Reflection’. All the songs were chart-busters.

The main character, Mulan, was voiced by actress Ming-Na- Wen. Her singing voice was provided by singer Lea Salonga, who also provided the singing voice for Jasmine from Aladdin.


Finally, there are some more posts coming about Mulan.

So, how do you like Mulan? Tell me in a comment below. 😀



  1. Mulan is an awesome story. It’s a true one as well 😉 Mulan was an actual person and she actually did go and join the military in the place of her father. ♥ Although, Mushu the dragon didn’t actualy exist.

    ~ Minerva ~

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