Fate-Altering Plot Points

Source: Oh My Disney

Things we would usually say: don’t mess with fate.
Things Disney characters have taught us: it’s okay to mess with fate (sometimes).
Some characters are purposeful about it (we’re pretty sure Mulan was fully aware of what she was doing by retrieving that arrow). And others inadvertently change the course of the entire tale (read: Abu and jewels). Either way, these are key moments that alter how the rest of the story plays out. Some plot points we particularly like to ponder include:
Remy Adding Spices to the Soup

Fate Ratatouille

We always knew herbs were important. But we never imagined they could catapult Remy from the fate of a normal rat life to a five-star chef life.

Abu Grabbing the Forbidden Stone

Fate Aladdin

Cringe-worthy. But if he hadn’t been monkeying around, then Aladdin probably would never have met Genie. So, thanks Abu?

Cinderella Leaving the Shoe

Fate Cinderella

How else could the Prince have found her? We’re guessing it would have been a much longer and arduous process. But we don’t fully endorse simply leaving a glass slipper behind just for the sake of doing it.

Hercules Leaving Home

Fate Hercules

This scene made us a bit teary, but it’s a good thing he left well before the stars aligned and Hades had unparalleled access to rule everything.

Tiana Kissing a Frog


She didn’t want to kiss him. She really didn’t. But for the sake of love (and beignets), we’re really glad she did.

Gepetto Wishing Upon a Star

Fate Pinocchio

All it took was actually saying that wish. But without verbalizing it, Pinocchio would have stayed a puppet.

Merida Following the Wisps

Fate Brave

She kept saying how much she wanted to change her fate (switch to Scottish accent now). All she had to do was follow these wisps of blue light.

Jack Skellington Choosing Christmas

Fate Nightmare

As we know, there were several other holidays represented in those woods. The Nightmare Before St. Patrick’s Day just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

Pocahontas Stepping Out Onto That Stone

Fate Pocahontas

Cue the mist. It’s beautiful. And this meet-cute was essential in bringing  both sides to the path of understanding.

WALL•E Finding and Keeping the Plant


He could have thrown the plant out like he did that diamond ring (remember that?). But thankfully WALL•E has an eye for what’s truly important, and this move literally brought a civilization back to Earth.

Mulan Retrieving the Arrow…

Fate Mulan

…and joining the army and creating an avalanche and going to the city to save China. Pretty much everything Mulan does is fate-altering.



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