Leveling Up to Hero Status

Source: Oh My Disney

When it comes to saving the day, these characters really step up to the plate.

Sometimes it involves bravery or sacrifice or even a bit of oblivion, but Disney characters stretch beyond their limits and leap up to hero level. Here are some of our favorites who would earn a hero badge if we were giving them out:

Hero Disney Cogsworth
Cogsworth goes into battle mode when the villagers attack the castle and saves Lumiere from an untimely demise. And he does it in a dashing hat complete with plume. Extra points for best hero style.

Alice Kingsleigh
Hero Disney Alice in Wonderland
Alice is a true champion and hero. She defeats the Red Queen, the jabberwocky, and her own fears all in one battle. If there was a hero hall of fame, she’d be in it for sure.

Timon & Pumbaa
Hero Disney Timon and Pumbaa
Talk about a heroic duo. They pull Simba out of the desert sun, give him grub, and raise him. And then they dance in front of hunger-crazed hyenas and save Zazu. Timon and Pumbaa, you go stand on Pride Rock. You deserve it.

Hero Disney Heimlich
Anyone who offers himself up as live bait in order to save a baby queen ant is okay in our books.

Tinker Bell
Hero Disney Tinker Bell
Tinker Bell is a bit of a complicated hero. She is sassy and jealous and partially to blame for Peter Pan’s “present” from Captain Hook. But she also completely redeems herself when she drags it out of Peter’s hands to save him.

Jack Skellington
Hero Disney Jack Skellington
Jack literally rescues Santa and saves Christmas (yes, after almost destroying it). But still.

Jaq and Gus
Hero Disney Cinderella
Jaq and Gus literally level up here. If there’s a number of stairs you have to climb with a key twice your height in order to achieve hero status, these mice passed it. And then some.

Hero Disney Pocahontas
Pocahontas saves just about everyone here, not just John Smith. This was a really crucial course correction.

Hero Disney Flounder
He may be a guppy around sharks, but Flounder totally takes the lead in toting Ariel halfway across the ocean (at least that’s what it looks like to us). Way to go, Flounder. Way to go.

Hero Disney Hercules
He dove into a whirlpool of death. Whirlpool. Of. Death.

Hero Disney Mulan
She saves China. The end.



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