A new reason

Before I had told you that Pixie Hollow(PH) was closing because it had very few players compared to Club Penguin(CP) .

But now I found out something else! Actually PH had many players compared to CP. So did ToonTown and Pirates Of the Caribbean online. So Disney closed  all the sites to force players to move to the silly Club Penguin! So bad and unfair. Its true that Club Penguin membership is very cheap in comparison with Pixie Hollow membership, but still. I hate being fat penguins! Besides, CP is super boring.

If you play Club Penguin then stop playing it right away, if you are a Pixie Hollow devotee, otherwise don’t. PH was the most interesting virtual world and they closed it!

Please email Disney or if possible, then call them up.

If you any other reasons for  Hollow closing, then tell it in a comment below.



  1. Actually, compared to pixie hollow, club penguin’s membership is VERY expensive. That was actually very smart of Disney. Only… Nobody… Even did that….In the first place… So their plan failed?

  2. I didn’t sign up for CP. It’s gonna be boring. Instead, I play Fantage. You should play it guys, it’s just like PH, only that it’s humans.

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