Pixie Hollow Memories: Last day at Havendish Square

Havendish Square has always been an ideal chatting place especially for members. Below the ballroom, there was a little place where members used to chat, eat silly sweets, and even fight over silly reasons!

On the last day of Pixie Hollow, everyone was mourning and some were trying silly sweets. Many were telling other Pixies about the petitions. ( I got banned for a day because the mods had caught me telling others about the petitions)

A sparrowman  called Eddy (Extreme left in the picture) was continuously repeating the same lines, ” Greet all your best friends, print your outfits, remember Hollow.” While this fairy called Jamie Nightmist was was telling everyone how she would remember Hollow some were saying, ‘ What if PH closes? Its just a game!”

C28As I said some were trying silly sweets.

We will always remember Havendish Square, as one of the best meadows. 🙂



  1. I will always remember Havendish Square and the other meadows, but I just want to say that the original ones were the spring meadows and the autumn meadows (except Cottonpuff Field)

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